Height: 6'6

Weight: 262 lbs.

Theme Song: Step Up by Drowning Pool

Hometown: Parts Unknown

Finishing Move: Scorpion Drop

Email Address: ECWFScorpionIWA@yahoo.com

Title History:

(2) ECWF World Heavyweight Champion

(1) ECWF Supercore Champion

(1) ECWF Showtime Champion

(1) ECWF Intercontinental Champion

(1) ECWF Insanity Champion

(1) ECWF Platinum Champion

(1) ECWF Canadian Champion

(2) ECWF Tag Team Champion (w/Raptor & Ray LaPointe)

(1) ECWF World Tag Team Champion (w/Raptor)

(1) ECWF Undisputed Tag Team Champion (w/Rock N Roll Jesus)

(4) EHWF Mayhem World Champion

(1) EHWF United States Champion

(1) EHWF Tag Team Champion (w/Kris Cage)

(1) PW Disorderly Conduct Champion

(1) AHW World Heavyweight Champion

(1) AHW Tag Team Champion (w/Raptor)

(1) BWF Tag Team Champion (w/Ray LaPointe)

(1) WWE Intercontinental Champion

Dice Title History:

(1) TNDA World Heavyweight Champion

(1) NWA Television Champion


2007 ECWF Man Of The Year

2007 ECWF Tag Team Of The Year (w/Raptor)

2008 ECWF Hall Of Famer

2008 ECWF Tag Team Of The Year (w/Raptor)

2009 ECWF Extreme King Of The Ring

2011 ECWF X-Factor Event Winner

2011 ECWF All or Nothing War Winner (Team Captain)

RPs on Board

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