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Here is a small collection of things that clients, past and present, have to say about Wavin' K Performance Horse Training, and about Kacy herself.  If you would like to add your 'two cents' to the testimonial page, email Kacy and she will gladly do so - rodeo_kh@hotmail.com.

"My clients are not just that, they are my friends, and with every horse I ride, I walk away with a friendship in their owner that goes beyond the arena.  I value each and every person I meet along the way, and I look forward to meeting more wonderful horse-lovers in the future.  Also, I would like to thank you all for the great testimonies.  God Bless."

Cole Family - Hillsdale, WY

"Hey girls i just wanted to update you on Diva we love her! I have ridden her a few times and she has done great everytime. Well almost, she likes to roll in the snow with me on her lol she did it in slow motion so I had plenty of time to get out of her way lol! But really, I couldnt ask for a better horse, she is my girl...thanks again we will be seeing you soon, we hope to add another horse to our pasture soon take care."   Stacy

Picture of grandaughter Mackenzi, and Diva.

Angela Montgomery - Cheyenne, WY


"Scooter is doing great. I am very happy with him and haven't had any issues with him at all. Kelly & I went to Vedavuu with him a few weeks ago and he handled that new situation like an old hand. We had him on rocky trails, in brush, downed timber, you name it and he took everything in stride and is a fast learner. I'm ready for spring/summer again so I can put some miles on him.
I'm very pleased with the work you did with him. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you need. I'd be happy to help out. If I get another colt, I'll certainly look you up.  Thanks again for your work with him, he has turned out to be an awesome colt and the time you put on him was a big part of that."

Mann Family - Wheatland, WY


"This is a picture of my 7 year old daughter and her horse Dixie, Loren started out with a lead line horse and for her 5th birthday she received a little pony,which she could only ride 5 times because the pony was bred when we bought her. We had just moved to the Wheatland area and became members of the PCHA organization, this is where we met Kacy Hatten. Kacy welcomed us with open arms. After Loren's pony had her baby, Loren had to ride her sister's older horse, she was scared to death because the fall was much greater then from her pony. So, Kacy and Loren worked 3, sometimes 5 times a week together. Kacy took Loren from running a 65 sec barrel to a 19 sec barrel in a matter of weeks, always supporting her and watching the events with us and to give Loren the advice she needed to get her going.  Kacy is an amazing woman with kids, she treats them as if they're her own.  Thank you very much." Loren and Kim

Moss Family - North Platte, NE

Becca purchased an NRHA money earning gelding, "Spike" through Wavin' K last spring, here is an exerpt from her last update:
"... Spike and I excel at cruising the neighborhood with our family and we participate in local open shows. He's best at reining which I'm still learning (for a long time I think!), but I'm really enjoying it and he loves it! We ended the season here by placing 1st in the Adult Reining Class at the NCTA's Fall Horse Show. His favorite thing to do is spin... and eat! We'll be together for a long time..."  Thanks Becca and great job!

Susan Schomburg - Wheatland, WY


"Kacy has ridden two horses for me, both arabians, who were going to be used for endurance riding - and I could not be more pleased. Kacy prepares horses for the job ahead, but also exposes them to all kinds of activities so that they are well-rounded. She gives them a job to do and keeps things interesting. Even though my horses were going to be used primarily as trail horses, by the time they left Kacy's, they had been exposed to ropes, cattle, jumps, barrels and just about everything else - none of this 30 days in the round corral stuff! Needless to say they are now reliable, versatile mounts that can be used for just about anything!"

Paul Bonnifield  -  Yampa, CO


...In talking about a horse he bought from Wavin' K Performance Horses.   

"...he was about as good a looking horse as I've ever owned. He had a great personality.I had ridden him nearly every day from the middle of September until the first of December, and he was getting handy --- light on the rain, head carriage just right, moved free and easy, changed leads without trouble, and he truly enjoyed working cattle. He was easy to get into the right position to work, turning, holding, driving, or roping. He had a heart as big as all out doors that was full of try.  Anyway, Kacy, I'm looking for another horse.  In fact, Kacy if you have another horse for sale let me know. I'm interested in looking at him. I like the horses you start.  Frankly, I have a lot of respect for your judgment and skill with a horse."

Cassie Muchmore  -  Wheatland, WY


"Kacy is one of my best friends, I've known her for almost 11 years now.  She has taught me everything I know about riding and training horses. She has helped me with my horses in so many ways. She has so much patience with horses and people, I have learned a great deal from her. Kacy is the first person I go to if I have any problems.
If the horse or rider isn't ready or comfortable with doing something she doesn't push it. She will wait until both are ready. Kacy is an awsome person and I honestly don't know what I would do without her!"

Below is Cassie and Bubba practicing barrels at Top Hatt Arena.

Bobbie Redding - Burns, WY

"I have known Kacy for many years, and have worked with her on many horses in that time.  We have started many colts and spent a huge amount of time having fun while warming up her mother's cutting horses at shows, cleaning stalls, doing chores, and taking care of the horses.  She is a very driven young lady, and you can count on her to work hard until the job is done. She is always there when you need her, and is always more than willing to lend you a helping hand. When it comes to a getting a job done, Kacy will help you, she will get on any horse and do a good job for you!"

Below are two videos of Bobbie and her filly "Sandy" learning to breakaway rope -
this is her second lesson with Kacy.


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