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News 08.02.2008

 Speech Tree System for Fallout Tactics

Until now the human player of fallout Tactics was mute.He always readed NPC texts and

 couldnt answer because there was not any good speech tree.

No speech no any talk for the human like  fallout 1 , fallout 2.

I created a new way of speech tree with the help of the timer which can loop.

A right speech tree must have NPC speech , possible human choices and finaly the answer from the human player.

With this  way the human player reads NPC speech then can choose and see his answer.

And finaly he can always read all the NPC conversations he did  in the pipboy screen.

Just click on the NPC to talk nothing more. 

You can download the single player mission  with this new system from my download page


News 24.12.2007

New objects added at the download page.

The file name is  Indianos_Objects V 1.00.7z

There are 1406 new tiles for Fallout tactics(Barrels,Beds,Chairs,Tables,Bathroom objects,Shelves,Gym objects,Vehicles.}All  the objects are rusty and old to fit with the post apocalyptic world of Fallout tactics.The file has size 5.37 mb.

Target path for the archive is the  tiles directory of Fallout Tactics so the path
will be this after the extract:

Fallout Tactics/core/tiles/INDIANOS_TILES

Click on the urls to see photos of the new objects.















News 07.10.2007

I created new critter for Fallout tactics the dinosaur.

I downloaded the dinosaur animation from http://reinerstileset.4players.de/
i converted the images to fit with Fallout tactics.

You can download the new critter at my download page .