~The Slagar the Cruel Shrine~

For The Fox That Rocks!

Welcome to 'The Slagar the Cruel Shrine'! Where everything is dedicated to Slagar the Cruel!

The greatest slaver in all Redwall history!

Now, I see most of you know this fine slaver fox that we all know and love. Who wouldn't!?! But heck, if you hate Slagar, why are you even here? 0_o


However, if you feel otherwise, it's good to see some fans here who actually love Slagar as much as I do. *sly grin* You're probably wondering why I love him so and have made my own little shrine for him though, aren't you? Well, in that case, I'm glad that you'd want to ask me that question; so here it goes:

Of course we all know that Slagar's brilliant. But how? Good question! Since Slagar's so crafty charming, that just that self-centered personality we love most, we know by fact he is truly a remarkable antagonist. Because like all antagonists, he plays the part of being a really malicious, sly and devious character, prone to being a fox; of course. But Slagar is not sly just because he's a fox, he's a fox because he is sly. Why? because he's a born leader and a fearsome slaver; there is no comparison to Slagar. Everything about him is one out of a million!


Anyways, we're here to talk about you being here. There are many places to explore around on the website, so please explore, rate, comment, enjoy and share this site with any other Slagar-fans!

Have fun! :rose: 


April 6

"New links are now open especially for you!! Click Here to get to the "Links" page!

For example,:



April 14

Hey!! New forum is being put up-new choices to choose from!!!

New links!, & also new info on the Slagar the Cruel page!! Check it out!! Usefull??

May 9 Hey, if any of you are color-blind, & just wondering why I ask,

I've changed the font color to blue! Ain't it pretty?!

New look for website! You see?


Year 2008-The Page With More News!



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June 19, 2008

On today's news, we have new upgrades! All-NEW fan-fics, pics, flics, vids, & info about Slagar the Cruel! ;)

Today's a whole new year & it has been so long ever since! -_-

Well, plz be sure to check out every bit of info on the site! 'Cuz most of it is all new! New highlights on the rating polls coming soon! ;)

Thank you, & hope you enjoy!




New updates! >>> Friday 9/26/2008

Changed my template & everything on the site! ;) So be sure to check out the galleries & vid pages!