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Welcome to the Offical site of the youtube movie series: Warriors hearts.  I am the director of the movie and I also play the role of the magma hero, Baltius, a few of the Shadow Knights, and a few demons.  Please note that this cast list is likely to change for any variety of reasons. This is a list of the cast for the movie so far:

          John Hero Warrior: John Hereshko                                                                  Camera Lady: Erin Hereshko

                            Baltius: William Geertsema                                                                     Demons: Unused characters in the cast

                             Roanan: Jeff Rohrer                                                                                Shintetsu: Unknown as of late...    

                        Evil King: Casting is open                                                                          Hexamity: Lara Geertsema

             Shadow Knights: Will G, casting is open                                                                       Cinnole: Lara Geertsema





~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~STORYLINE SCENES ALREADY SHOT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                    Warriors hearts #1

              ›.) The beginning scene, we find John (the 4th Hero Warrior) Practicing his sword fighting skills.  He doesn't expect Baltius, a character from another world to approach him, and attack him in a so-called test.  After parrying many of Baltius' moves, John realizes that he has crossed over into an entirely new world. 

               2.)Baltius retrives the sword of the 4th hero warrior and bestows it upon John.  He then tells John to enter a thickly wooded region to find a person named Roanan.  John accepts the task, but doesn't know what he's getting into...

               3.)John proceeds into the forest pointed out by his new comrade, Baltius.  His mission: find Roanan.  However, no sooner does the scene begin, before John is ambushed by another person!  The battle begins, but will John's quest come to a complete halt so soon?  Only time would tell.

               4.)After defeating the unknown character, John discovers that his intents were not so hostile after all.  They speak for a while before Baltius enters and reveals that John's mystery assiliant was none other than Roanan, an earth knight, who is with the resistance of the City of the Swords. Now with three heroes in tow, the real warrior's hearts experience begins, but will fate come crashing down on the heros? Only the 5th scene could answer that.

               5.) John, Roanan and Baltius are all attempting to plant a firm grip on their task.  There is also a little practice fighting between John and Roanan, as well as a few answers to previously unanswered questions.

              6.) John's company moves into a forest called akward woods.  Unfortunately, Baltius fails to inform John of the rite of passage in akward forest.  Soon, bewildered and taken to the ground by a demon named shadowbane, John is helpless.  Much to his suprise, a girl apperars out of nowhere and rescues him.  Unfortunately, when he suggests baltius' name, she flees.  What could this mean......


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JOHN HERO WARRIOR: A page for the fans who love the hero.  If you want to know more about the main character of the movie series, this is the page you need to see!

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ROANAN: Do you like Roanan, check out his homepage.  It will give satistics and general info of the powerful earth kinght from the Resistance of the city of the Swords.

CINNOLE: If you want to learn about the history of Baltius' lost sister, read this page!  It will give stats and skills for Cinnole, as well as a fully chronicled version of the conflict between her and baltius in warriors heart's 2!

HEXAMITY: Who is the mysterious Hexamity?  Why is she relentlessly hunting the hero warrior?  All the answers to these questions and more, plus an in game skill list!

WALL OF HEROES: To see all the warrior's hearts heroes who have carved their names in history, check out this page.