Wanda's Netherland Dwarfs

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Wanda's Netherland Dwarfs 




Breeding Show and Pet Quality Rabbits

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My name is Wanda Kowalik and I breed a few Netherland Dwarfs.

 I have a very small Rabbitry.  And I live 20 minutes from Winnipeg in Garson, Manitoba, Canada.

I started breeding and Showing Rabbits in 2000.

 Netherland colors Black, Broken, Broken Choc. , Broken Blue.

My first breed was Jersey Woolies. But I fell in Love with the Polish breed,

they are very good pets and have great temperments.

I now have started (2007) breeding Orange and Broken Orange Netherland Dwarfs.

Sorry No More Oranges. 
I don't keep many rabbits, so if you would like
something feel free to e-mail me.
I breed my Rabbits about twice a year.

Any Bunnies for sale on Nursery page.

Wanda Kowalik  Box 293 Garson. Manitoba, Canada

 R0E 0R0        email w.rk@qkstream.com

Updated  April 5 th /18 Nursery page,

Oct.  Pictures  Member of ARBA     




 This site is dedicated to the Memory of my Mom Ivy Joye who died in a car accident Jan. 16th/11.   I will Always love and Miss you Mom. She would stay here and take care of my rabbits and other pets when I went to shows.             Mom's favorite flower Ladyslipper.