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with Walt Roberts at his Technics KN - 7000 and Yamaha Tyros 4 Arranger Keyboards

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Walt Roberts at His Technics KN-7000 and Yamaha Tyros 4 Arranger Keyboards The Power Of Reality !


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It was back in the late 50's that Walt first got hooked on the keyboard. Richmond's own Eddie Weaver had a live radio show playing the Hammond Organ on Sunday afternoons on WRNL. Walt was living in Fredericksburg then and would nerver miss a single show !

As Walt's passion for the organ continued to grow he soon started formal instruction here in Richmond at the Hammond Organ Studios with Mrs. Gay B. Campbell.  She was Walt's greatest influence in his musical life outside of Eddie Weaver . Because of the distance from Fredericksburg he would receive his instruction every other week being driven the 50 miles ( one way ) by his father.

It was a wonderful experience for Walt to visit the Miller & Rhodes Tea Room and the Byrd Theatre to hear Eddie and helped foster his love for music and the keyboard in particular. Ethel Smith , Lenny Dee and Earl Grant were  other performers of the day that had a great influence on Walt's interest in the keyboard as well.

As part of Walt's instruction Mrs. Campbell gave him an keen understanding of the pleasure of playing for the enjoyment of others. He would perform at the State Fair of Virginia for many years through his late teens. Then in his early 20's Walt would start performing in local restaurants such as      The Sea Island  where his Hammond X- 77 console was placed on the revolving stage weekly.

Now with the latest state - of - art instrument Technics KN -7000 Digital Keyboard Walt plays for private parties , weddings and organizations in the greater Richmond area.  The Technics KN - 7000 Digital Keyboard provides you with digital recordings of real instruments that feature detailed nuances of virtuoso musician's performances and "LIVE " drum kits. You've nerver heard it so real from any other keyboard ever produced ! Now that Technics Musical Instruments ( Panasonic ) has decided to no longer manufacture musical keyboards / Walt's KN- 7000 is even more unique with it's sound innovation. Walt has the O N L Y  Technics KN - 7000 Digital Keyboard in the Richmond area ! The musical excellence and ingenuity of Walt's performance is truly " one of a kind " with this great instrument. He has just added the Yamaha Tyros 4 to his collection of performance instruments.

Walt is booking performances now just E- Mail him at  for booking information and requests.

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