1: More than just good grammar and spelling I need your writing to have substance. Make replying to you be a high point in my day, not an assignment.

2: You must have no limits, or at least very few. If you do have issues with anything you must to let me know ASAP. 

3: I primarily do heterosexual pairings. It is possible to coerce me into F//, but the plot will have to call for it.

4: Be open minded and flexible.

5: I have no problem playing either gender, but regardless of what they have dangling between their legs they have to be people of substance. And, please, give your girls a little chutzpah, my boys have no interest in playing the white knight to anyone.

6: Let me know if something isn't boding well for you. Nine times out of ten I'm perfectly happy to fix whatever problem you have. What good is a role play if we both aren't having fun?

 7: I like to keep things simple, but still of very high quality. Nothing irritates me more than stupidly convoluted word usage and sentence structure. It is possible to produce brilliant writing without dry humping your thesaurus.