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Let there be yet time
in my life
for me to say
I Love You
to someone
I have neglected

and time
to receive a hug
from someone
who was rejected
because I was
too shy



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Old Smilies
by Ted L Glines

I remember when we met,
Your Smilie (laugh) was on that post.
I wondered who you were
And why you cheered me up the most.

You told me all about your life,
And sent me pics of kids and Dad.
Your Smilie (grin) was often seen;
Your song of life was mostly glad.

Came the day you lost your dog,
Old age had come to claim your friend,
And Smilie (sad) was all we said,
For sorrow passes in the end.

You were so very far away,
I knew we'd never meet,
But nestled deep within my heart,
Your Smilie (wink) was oh so sweet.

Years have come and years have passed,
Your siggy dollz kept changing,
While Smilie (glad) and Smilie (sad)
Marked the moments - rearranging.

I know the time will come too soon
When you are gone - and no more cheers,
When posts and emails come no more
And I'll be left with Smilie (tears).

But somewhere east and far away
Summer lands are  warm and caring,
Where  Smilie (halos) will be seen
As old friends meet in happy sharing.