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Green LED Scanning Flashlight

Green CREE LED Flashlight, Effective for Night Hunting, Tracking or HikingGreen LED Scanning Flashlight

This flashlight has a green CREE LED emitter which tends to be much brighter than flashlights that use a green or red filter over a white light bulb. It is effective for night-time predator hunting as a scanning flashlight. A rifle mounted light is great for down range viewing, but when calling in a coyote, fox or bobcat you need a handheld flashlight for scanning laterally or even to your rear. Our Pro Staff  have found it to be an effective light for varmint hunting as well. Feral hog hunters prefer the green ledl. Will light up a  predator's eyes at 100 yards or more (distance may vary due to conditions such as battery strength, weather or terrain). It comes with one(1) rechargeable 18650 3000mah battery (blue or red in color) and one(1) wall charger. This item ships to US addresses. International shipping is not available.

Lumen ratings are made by the manufacturer. All flashlight brands, including Ultrafire, publish lumen ratings that are made under ideal laboratory conditions. VTC cannot guarantee that you will achieve the same result in the field. However, we have found that CREE LED's are very bright and the best we have found. We have observed in our field tests that using two (2) CR123 batteries produces a slightly brighter light due to the increase in battery voltage, but our field testers prefer the convenience of the rechargeable 18650 and find it more than adequate. This flashlight will handle up to 9 volts.