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A tube and an image of your choice - The tube I'm using in the foreground

is one I purchased waaaaay back by Rion Vernon when he was still with GILD

Hence, the use of my old License Number :)

I was too much of a tightwad to re-purchase tubes that I'd already bought as

Rion is now known as PinUpToons and his work can be purchased from CILM

Anyway, tube of your choice and image of your choice (for the fill of the wreath)

I'm using one from Stock Xchng


Autumn Leaves - these are a free Picture Tube tool download from Corel

Check your Picture Tube Tool, you may already have them in there - if you don't

go to the Corel site and download the Autumn.exe file (about halfway down the page HERE)

and install as instructed.


Wordart - by me HERE


Mask - by Chelle (WeeScotsLass) HERE

It's WSL_Mask167

Thank you Chelle xx


Eye Candy 4000 HSB Noise

Mura Meister Copies

Xero Porcelain (optional)


Open a New Image in PSP - 600 x 600 with a White Background

or floodfill with White

Go to your Picture Tube Tool and find the Autumn Leaves

Scale 65

And now, stamp out 2 or 3 leaves in the centre of the canvas

Do it on seperate layers if you want to move them around

Once happy with the placement, hide the White back and

Layers, Merge Visible

Unhide white back


On your leaves layer, go to Mura Meister's Copies

Look for the Encircle Preset in the drop down menu

Change the Shift X and Shift Y from 50 to 60

And the Number slider to about 15

Apply (OK)


On the wreath layer - Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen


Move the wreath more to the centre of the canvas if needed and

now, we want to add more leaves around the circle

So, you may want to add them on seperate layers again

and perhaps move the Scale on the Leaves tube to 80, have some on 90 or so

or smaller if you'd prefer

We're looking for some variation and we dont want it too uniform so if

you have lots of stalks on the outside like I did - you may want to cover them with a few leaves

On my 2nd example, I had leave edges on the outside, which looked good too

So, get creative lol!!

It's ok, I'll sit here with a cup of tea whilst you're doing that

*tum te tum*


ooooh, you're back :)

Right, are you happy with the placement of the leaves and how it's looking?

Hope so hehee

So, hide the white back again


Layers, Merge Visible


if needed

On the wreath layer - Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen

(NB. If you want to take a duplicate of your created wreath to use in other autumnal/seasonal tags,

Shift + D to duplicate and save as a PSPImage)


OK, on with the tut...

Taking our Magic Wand tool on Mode: Add

Match Mode: RGB

Tolerance: 40

Feather: 0

Click inside the wreath circle





Don't worry if there is a gap here or there where the leaves are placed

you can add extra leaves to cover that - I had gaps on my first wreath but none on my 2nd example.

Keep Selected


Add a New Layer below the leaves and above the white back

Using your Dropper tool, select two colours from the leaves

(you know where this is going don't you? lol!)

Once you have two different colours showing in the Materials Palette colour boxes

Right click on one of the boxes, hit Other


choose Gradient from the folder tabs

and find your Foreground/Background gradient

Have it on Style Linear

Angle/Repeat on 0

and Invert not ticked

Hit OK

and you should see your Gradient in the Materials Palette now

On the new Layer

Floodfill with the Gradient

Keep Selected

Now open your chosen Image/Close Up/Tube sized as it comes/Stock image whatever

Paste as a new layer

Position in the centre however it looks best

Selections, Invert


Selections None

Now, apply Xero Porcelain to it (default settings)

and either drop the Opacity on that layer (like I did) or perhaps

change the Blend mode of the layer to suit the image - Soft Light or Multiply etc

Now, if you had a gap or two where the floodfill didn't quite reach etc - add your new leaves



Open the main tube you've chosen to use

Copy and Paste as a New Layer

Place in the centre-ish of the wreath (see mine for ref)

Now if you're using a half bodied tube


and move the bottom tube

under the leaves wreath

and apply a drop shadow of choice to the bottom one only

Back to the top tube layer

and taking your eraser tool, erase the bottom of the tube that overlaps the leaves

if you do this, she should look like she's covered with leaves and coming out of the wreath

If you're using a full bodied tube, you may just wish to have her on the top of the wreath as is.

OR you can use the above method and erase the legs of both tubes

Use your creativity to decide which you'd like to do



Now taking two other colours from the leaves

Make a new gradient as before

Add a New Layer above the white back

and flood fill with the gradient

Now apply Chelle's Mask WSL_167

Layers, Merge Group

Move the mask layer slightly over to the top left




(Leave like that if you like it that way - if you want to keep going then)



Adjust or move the mask's positions to best suit your tag


Open the Wordart I've provided

Copy and Paste and Place as a New Layer

above the wreath layer

(If your tube's head or scraps you might use get covered by the wordart, move the wordart below the tube layer too)

Use your Deform tool/Pick Tool to reshape the wordart to better fit your wreath if needed


Once you're happy with the placement of the wordart

Add the following dropshadow to it

Vertical 2

Horizontal 1

Opacity 76

Blur 3.00

Colour Black

Don't be tempted to add a gradient glow of white before you add this shadow

I know the words don't show up much, but I tried a white GG and it was too WAAAAAH in yer face!!

So we're going subtle hehee

If you really don't like the subtleness of the wording, try adjusting Brightness and Contrast

once you've added the HSB Noise

Try Brightness on 48 and Contrast on 11 and see if you like that...I just added the shadow again for extra definition.


Now once the shadow is applied to the wordart, it's time to decide if you want an animated tag or not

so if you're not Animating -

go to Eye Candy 4000 HSB Noise

and apply the following settings

If you are Animating - make sure you

duplicate the wordart twice to total 3 layers before you apply the

HSB Noise

and when applying HSB Noise to each layer - again, use my settings and then

hit Random Seed before each application


I've done this tag without any scraps for my first example - but if you'd like to add bows,

or buttons etc - add them now.

I really went for it with my 2nd example, tube, scraps the lot lol!

It's up to you what you'd prefer to do


Add your name in font, colour, position of your choice


Add any artist copyright info etc now.


Crop any excess canvas if able


now Animate the usual way for a three layered animated tag

(see my How to page if unsure)

and don't forget that Animation Properties in Ani Shop should be Opaque, White

(to help avoid the dreaded slightly there box around your finished tag)

and the Frame Properties should be on 45 or slower/faster as you prefer


Save as .GIF


All done!!


You could even dig out some country or thanksgiving tubes nearer the time

and make a holiday wreath with them...

or if you decide there's too many colours going on and you think that your Ani Shop

settings will go beserk, then have it as an un-animated tag and save as .PNG

Like this one...

Tube by Gary Ham (formerly at CILM) and scraps used were from

a kit I purchased last Autumn - Ronna Penner's Autumn Magic


Whatever you do, enjoy xx


This tutorial was written on 4th September 2008 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design and

any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that

may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental.

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