Paint Shop Pro Signature Tag Tutorials by Vix


Have you guessed by now that I am fond of purple? LOL!

OK - this is a simplish little tut - more explaination that

screen shots.


Tubes of choice - 3 for the hearts and one

for the main image.  Yep, you've guessed it, I'm using

Barbara Jensen - beyond gorgeous art!

Need a licence to use Barb's art - not got one?

Pop over to Barb's site

and see the stunning collection of tubes available.

Heart Accent - by Melissa at Scrappy Expressions

Her Yahoo group is HERE and the accent is on my 4shared HERE

Bow of Choice - I'm using one of Melissa's but

you can use whichever you'd prefer

Twirl brush - the one I am using is by KCS Designs HERE

Go to You, Goodies, Brushes, and find the set called Twirl - awesome!

DBX Flux Bright Noise - is there anyone who hasn't got

this filter - highly unlikely LOL!

Not got it?  Give it a Google.




New Image 550 x 550 White Background

Open your Heart Accent - copy and paste as a new layer

Duplicate twice

Image Rotate one of them 20 degrees to the left

Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen

Image Rotate the other one 20 to the right - repeat Sharpen

Position thus...

Take your Magic Wand - click inside the first heart

Selections, Expand by 4

Now, copy and paste your first tube, place within the heart

Selection, Invert, Delete.


Move this tube below the heart layer.

Repeat this for the other two hearts.

OK, taking shape!

Right - now, hide all layers, except the hearts and

merge visible

Do the same with the tube layers.

Now, using magic wand, click inside all

three hearts 

and a new layer just above the white but

below the tube layer and

flood fill with a colour of your choice - I used #e7b5d6


Now open your Bow tube and main tube and position where liked.

See mine for reference.

Add dropshadow if desired.

Time for yer brush!

New Layer above the white

and I created a F/G B/G gradient using Black F/G and #b4398a B/G

Angle 45 Repeat 0 - Move the Gradient to the top box.

Find the twirl you'd like to use (I used kcs_twirl1)

Stamp out your brush where liked

subtle dropshadow 0 0 35 7

Now, add your name and any copyright info etc

I used the same gradient for my name - 0 stroke width.

subtle dropshadow 0 0 35 7

Crop the canvas to your taste.

Now, Duplicate your heart layer twice

On heart Layer 1,

add DBX Flux Bright Noise - Mix -

but change the Intensity to 40

Layer 2 - change to 36

Layer 3 - change to 44

Animate my usual way 

(if you've not done one of my tuts

before - check out my How to... page)

but keep the Frame Properties on 10

Save as .GIF

All done!

Thank you for trying it xx


This tutorial was written on 21st February 2007 by Vix (blendyvix in MSN)

It is a tag tutorial of my own design, and any similarity to another

tag tutorial available is completely coincidental and wholly unintended.

Font used - Malihini Cuban BTN

Pixel Fonts - Pixelette and FFF Star