Paint Shop Pro Signature Tag Tutorials by Vix


This is based on a tag I made a few months ago...


Tube of Choice - I'm using one by Selina Fenech


To use Selina's art - you must be licensed

Go to CILM for more information HERE

Flaming Pear Super Blade Pro

using the Coconut Ice Preset

Xenofex 2 Constellation - this is a paid filter

Italian Editors Filters - Mosaico


Open a New Image 550 x 550 White Background

Take two colours from your tube

darker for the foreground, lighter for the background

Using a nice block or fat font, Stroke Width 2

type out your word.

Stretch to liking

Convert to Raster Layer.

Now, click inside each letter with Magic

Wand on 0 Tolerance

Copy and Paste your tube a couple of times to

fill the inside of the word.

Selections, Invert and Delete

the excess.


Merge the tube layers together and change

the blend mode to Soft Light.

Select the inside of the word again as before

Duplicate twice

Keep Selected and return to your

first word layer

SuperBlade Pro Coconut Ice preset

do this to the other two word layers

Back to your first word layer

Xenofex 2 Constellation with the following settings...







Twinkle Rotation 45

Keep Original Image


Do this to the two other word layers, but

change the Random Seed settings on each one.


Now add a subtle drop shadow to each

word layer.

You'll now have something a bit like this...

Open your tube, copy and paste

as a New Layer

Duplicate and resize by 80 percent

Hide your main tube for now.

Duplicate the resized one and Image, Mirror

Position on either end of the word

Layers, Merge these two tube layers together

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur by 10

Then apply the Italian Editors Effects Filter - Mosaico

on the default settings but change the Border Cell On/Off to 255

to get rid of the black edging.

Unhide the main tube and add a Drop Shadow.

Add any copyright information etc

Now, using a scripty font - add your name.

Ready to Animate?


Animate my Usual Way (see How To...)


change the Frame Properties to 15 or 20

Save as .GIF

You're all done

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial


This tutorial was written on the 24th February 2007

by Vix (blendyvix in MSN)

It is based on a tag of my own design, this

tutorial is my creation and any similarity

to another tag tutorial is wholly unintended and

completely coincidental.

Fonts used - Font and Carpenter ICG

Please do not use my screenshots as tags or hotlink to them or

this page - thank you xx



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