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Tube of your Choice - I used one of the Free to Use images from

Zindy Zone aka Zindy Nielsen

Clock Face, Clock Hands and Gears - available

for download from dozi's site HERE

Click on the Scrapbooking Embellishments

Read her terms, hit Enter, then when you go through to the

downloads page - look for Clockparts on the right hand bottom

side of the screen.

Chain - made by Andrea aka Tyleress and used with permission

in this tutorial - thank you hun xx

Please don't use it when writing your own tutorials unless you also get Andrea's permission

to supply it.

Visit her tutorial site HERE and you won't be sorry you did - it rocks!

Leaves - I have no idea who's tube this is

or where I got it from...

If it's yours, please contact me if you would like either acknowledgement

or removal from this site.

Wordart - made by me for this tut HERE, HERE and HERE

Becky_Mask022 made by Becky (her site is down)

Doodleart of Choice - I used some of Melissa's (Scrappy Expressions as was)

and I am unable to supply it so choose some from your files


Open the a-dozi's-clockface-03

Copy and Paste as a New Layer

on a 550 x 550 White Background New Image

Place in centre if not already

Apply the Becky_Mask022

Layers, Merge

Merge Group

Adjust, Hue and Saturation 0 and 0


Open a-dozi's-clockhands-01

Find the Silver hands (layers 1 and 4)

and copy and Paste Layer 1 (the larger hand)

as a New layer on the canvas

Image Resize 25% Smartsize

and place as mine

Line up the circle part of the hand

with the circle part of the clockface


Copy and Paste Layer 4 (the smaller hand)

and Image, Resize 20% Smartsize

and Place over the larger hand

but line up the circle part again

Leave these for now, we'll come back to them later


Open a-dozi's-gears-01

Choose a gear (I used Layer 9)

Copy and Paste as a New layer at the top

Image, Resize 50% Smartsize

place at the top left of the canvas

just touching the clockface

(see my placement)





Merge Down





Merge these gears layers together for one layer

and add the following dropshadow







Open the Tyleress_Chain tube

Copy and Paste as a New Layer

and move the chain to

position on the left side




Merge these chain layers together

Repeat the above shadow

and move the chain layer under

the gear layer


Open the fall-leaves GD tube

Image, Resize 50% Smartsize

Copy and Paste as a New Layer

above the clockface

Place to the top left of the tag (see mine)

Line up the left hand side leaf with the gap in the gears

for best placement




Merge these together

Adjust, Hue and Saturation, Colourize

0 and 0




Merge these two layers together

and add a subtle dropshadow this time

I used






Open the TimeWords1 I've supplied

Place them as mine

Time Waits for No-One

and then to

set the tone of your tag

Happy tubes - perhaps use the TimeWords3 

Thoughtful tubes -TimeWords2

and apply the same subtle shadow (or lighter if you prefer)


Open the tube you've chosen to use

Resize it appropriately for this tag

Copy and Paste and Place

where liked

Make sure the tube is above the other layers

Add a dropshadow


Add your Copyright info etc now


Crop the canvas slightly if liked


Go to your Scripty font of choice

Stroke width 1.00 Black

Fill White

Add your name

Stretch, Rotate and place

Convert to Raster and apply

same deep shadow as we used for the gears


If you're using doodles on the background do the following step

If you aren't - dont worry about it

and move on to * below

Add a New layer just above the White Background

change the colour boxes to Black (FG) and White (BG)

Go to Gradients and find fg/bg gradient

Angle 45

Repeats 2

Floodfill the new layer

and Apply the Becky_Mask022 to this layer

Merge Group

Apply the Mask again

and Merge Group again

Now add a new layer under this new mask layer

and apply some doodles if liked

(The mask layer is to help the doodles not to show through)

Once applied, take a large soft eraser setting

and erase the doodles that do show through the clock face too much


*So check your layers


From the bottom up - you should have

White Background

Doodle Layer (optional)

Clock Face

Leaves Layer


Big hand of clock

Small hand of clock

Chains Layer

Gears Layer

Tube and CR layers

Same-ish? Cool

That's basically it, if you are animating read on...

if you aren't

Save as .PNG and that it - you're done.



Open Animation Shop and get ready

for some, Edit, Copy and Paste lol!

Note: if you find when you're rotating

that the circle centre of the hands

goes off target, move the small hand back

in place over the large hand

before taking to Ani Shop.

On my first tag, it stayed beautifully in place

once rotated but

When I made the 2nd one it didn't!

Back to PSP

Hide the tube for now

Go to the small hand of the clock layer

Image, Free Rotate, Right 90

Time will be 3 o clock

Unhide tube

Edit, Copy Merged

Over to A/S

Edit, Paste as New Animation (Ctrl + V)

Back to PSP

Hide tube again

Go to small hand layer

And once again, Image, Free Rotate, Right 90

Time will be 6 o clock

Unhide tube

Edit, Copy Merged

Back to A/S

Paste after Current Frame

Back to PSP

Hide tube again

Go back to small hand layer

Image, Free Rotate, Right 90

Time will be 9 o clock

Unhide tube

Edit, Copy Merged

Back to A/S

Paste after Current Frame

and finally

repeat once more

so the time shows at Midnight/Midday

Back to A/S

Paste after current frame

You will now have 4 frames of animation

Click on the first frame


Edit, Select All

Animation, Animation Properties

Change to Opaque, White



Frame Properties


View, Animation

File, Save as .GIF

That's it - all done

Hope you enjoy this tutorial


This tutorial was written on 31st March 2008 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design and

any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that

may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental.

Any items supplied to use to create your own tag with this tutorial are supplied

in good faith - if I have used something not intended

for usage in this way, please contact me via email.

Links to tube/scrap supply sites are added either through necessity or courtesy

and it is entirely up to the individual if they choose to visit these sites.

This website is intended for educational/entertainment purposes only

NO linking to my tut examples, screen shots, files or graphics permitted

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