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Tube/Close Up of Choice - I'm using another one from the lovely Barbara Jensen

If you'd like to use the same, please visit her site

Xero Graphics - Soft Vignette (if you don't have it, just search as it's freeware)

Font of Choice - I used Big Noodle Titling

Animation Shop and a reasonable knowledge of using it

Note added 10th April:  People are finding this tutorial effect a bit hit and miss!  For some, it seems fine and looks good for them.

Other people are finding it jumpy or not what they expected (!) So my tip is this...

When you get to the part where you add Xero Graphics - Soft Vignette, make sure that the striped

effect looks as if it's going from one side of the tag to the other (and with my settings, this should be the case?)

Click on each layer in PSP to see if this is the case before you take it to Ani Shop to animate it.

If your effect is a vast jump or very subtle - then this is how it will look in Ani Shop when you animate it.

So, double check your stripe positions before you animate it.  IF you aren't happy with the settings, adjust the Repeats slider to see if this

makes a difference.  I hope this helps.



Open a New Image in PSP - 640 x 200 pixels @ 72 dpi

Add New Layer

Floodfill White

Take two colours for your Materials Palette

I'm using #ffbcff for the FG (Top) box


#f97dcf for the BG (Bottom) box

Yeah yeah, you know what's coming...again!  But what can I tell ya - I still find

FG/BG gradient the best thing to compliment tubes and tags.

OK sooooo

Go to your Materials Palette - hereafter known as MP

and find Gradients, Look for Foreground-Background gradient

and have it on these settings...

Add new Layer

Floodfill with Gradient

So then,

We're going to add tubes and get all fancy now - then go on to the effect

which is simple but delicious


So get your chosen tube/s

I used a tube and close up

I placed my tube to the left and applied a favourite shadow then

I added my close up on another layer under this

Changed the blend mode to Screen on the close up layer

but that was a bit WAh! so I dropped the Opacity to 61


Duplicated the Close up tube

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 5.00

and change the blend mode to Soft Light

and this tube should be above the other close up one and also on 61 Opacity in the LP



Right then...

Change the colour in the FG box to Black and have the BG still on the darker of the

two pinks I gave you

Right, Preset Shape - Rectangle - Line Width 2.00 with the Line Style on Solid

Draw out a vertical rectangle

Stretch it right down so it overlaps the tag canvas

and once happy with placement - Convert to Raster

Keep this above your other layers - yes, including the tube ones


Switch the colours in the MP using the little double headed arrow icon just below it - the Swap Materials icon

Click on it to swap the colours around

Now draw a horizontal rectangle, thinner than the previous one

(See my tag for reference)

Once happy with placement, Convert to Raster

and drop this one down the LP below the first Rectangle

Now crop the tag to it's current size - this will get rid of any of the rectangles or

tubes that are currently sitting outside the tag canvas


Take the lighter pink that we used for the gradient

Place this in the BG box in the MP

and in the FG box - nil.

Find a favourite sans serif font - I used Big Noodle Titling on size 28

And type out a phrase that applies to your tag/tube

I used...well, see above!

Ok once placed within the black rectangle area

Convert to Raster

and add this dropshadow - note the colour is white not black


Now take the darker pink colour

And have this in your BG box - with FG on Nil


Draw out a Heart 1 Preset Shape

Very small to fit by the left side of the text

Convert to Raster then duplicate and Image, Mirror

and move over to the right of the text line

Take your Magic Wand and click on the pink rectangle section

Apply Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds on this setting -


Once applied, Selections, None

and apply my shadow


Take your Magic Wand again, and click on the pink outline of the black rectangle


Adjust, Add/Remove Noise, Add Noise on these settings

and once applied, Selections None.

So now, back to our Gradient Background layer

Duplicate twice to total three layers

Then in your MP - have the top box on Light Pink and the Bottom box on Black

(Very important or this next bit won't look the same)

NOTE: If you're using a different colour other than Light Pink, then make sure

1. that the colour is nice and bright and 2. that you have the Top Box on the corresponding colour

Back to your gradient layers and on the bottom one

Apply Xero Graphics - Soft Vignette on these settings of mine

Now on the next gradient layer up - apply again but this time change the

Repeats slider to 18

and click OK to apply

and for the final third gradient layer

Change to 17 and apply


Check your layers now and see that you're happy with the way it looks (ie. the way the stripes change and move)

if you're not, then try either using a different colour for your Gradient Background Layer or change

the Repeat settings to suit


Now then

Go to the top of your LP

Layers, New Raster Layer

Selections All

and floodfill this new layer with Black

Selections, Modify, Contract by 4 and hit Delete

Selections All

Layers, New Raster Layer

Find the two colours you've been working with and make the gradient again

and on this new layer, Floodfill

Selections, Modify, Contract by 3

Hit Delete

Selections, Modify, Expand by 2, Selections, Invert and hit Delete

on this same gradient fill layer

Selections None

And you should have a thin pink "Frame" outlined by a black frame?




on the Pink frame layer - apply the Noise setting again

Note: if you want to make your noise into animated glitteriness as well, then

Duplicate twice to make three layers and apply a different level of Noise to each layer

then, treat this as you would any 3 layered animation. 


Apply a subtle shadow of choice to the black frame layer

and then

Add your Artist info

and your Name as you like - I just tripled mine and added it in black and white

But, if your name is longer, then either rotate to the left or use your font tool

to go down the tag :)

Apply a favourite text shadow

And then


Prepare the animation as usual in Ani Shop

ie.  Take your three layers over*


Click Frame 1 and then go to Effects, Insert Image Transition on these settings of mine (they're the

same as one of the first Forum Style tuts I wrote, can't remember the name of it now lol!)

(Update: 4th April - Apologies to all of you who tried the tutorial up to this date...this screeshot was missing!! I'd

taken it but didn't realise I hadn't added it...I'm so sorry xx)

Click Frame 6 and apply to this as well

then go back to Frame 1

Click on it, Edit, Copy

Back to Frame 11, Click on it, Edit, Paste after Current Frame


Back to Frame 11

Click on it and Insert Image Transition once more

You now have 16 Frames of animation,

Click on Frame 16 and delete it (it's the same as Frame 1 and if you leave it in you'll get a pause)

so you now have 15 frames of animation

Back to Frame 1, Click on it,

Edit, Select All

and Animation, Frame Properties, 10

View, Animation

Save as .GIF

*It's a pretty big file size so if you'd rather just have a three layered animated tag

then make the usual way for a three layered animated tag, don't do my Insert Image Transition bit, but

make sure you have the Speed (Frame Properties) on about 25 otherwise it's all a bit manic!

This is my smaller file size - simple three layered version

Oh, and if you did animated noise, it will probably look a little sloooow if you do the Fade section, but

have a play and see what you like best!

Anyway, that's that.  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and thank you

for dropping by xx

This tutorial was written on 24th March 2011 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design created

by me yesterday and finished this morning.

Any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that

may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental, not to mention most bloody unlikely.

I rarely go to other tutorial sites these days, as I don't want to get conciously/subconciously influenced by other people's tuts!

My tutorial work is my own.  Simple as.  So, any potential hysteria about copying can be squashed right there.

I don't do it.  So please don't say I do.

Yeah, I'm having a less than cheery morning lmao!  Read on dear ones, if you've made it this far...

Any items supplied to use to create your own tag with this tutorial are supplied

in good faith - if I have used something not intended

for usage in this way, please contact me via email.

Any items created by me for the purposes of this tutorial MAY NOT be used in

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