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Tubes of your Choice - one small and one larger one

I used Emo Kitty  - Artwork © PinUpToons

If you wish to use the same tube you must purchase it from CILM

However feel free to use whatever you have!

Filters Needed...

Filters Unlimited 2 - Pattern Generators

Xenofex 2 Constellation

Eye Candy 4000 HSB Noise

Mura Meister Copies

Greg's Factory Output Vol 2 Pool Shadow

Optional: Texture of Choice, I used one of my own from HERE

Optional: Sparkles of choice - I used some by Bel Vidotti which are part of her kit HERE

Please leave some love if you download either


Open a new Image in PSP - 675 by 250 or whatever is your preference

Add a New layer, floodfill White

Take two colours from your chosen tube using Dropper Tool

I went with a light pink and an off-white

Make the ol' usual Foreground/Background gradient

Have it on Linear

Angle 30

Repeats 2

Floodfill a new Layer with this Gradient

Hide for the Moment

Now add a new layer above this one

and floodfill once more with the Gradient


go to Filters Unlimited 2

Pattern Generators

and look for Barcode Generator

and apply these settings of mine (they're just the Default settings with the bottom 3 sliders dropped to 0)

Click Apply


Add a New layer

Floodfill with Gradient once more and back to Pattern Generators, but this time

Move the bottom 3 sliders to 0 once more, and move the Code slider to 173 (from 175)



have a guess?

lol!  Yup, add another new Layer

Floodfill once more with gradient

and Apply Pattern Generator once more

With the settings as before except this time - Code slider on 171 from 175



Now then...

Back to the Original Gradient layer and unhide it

Should be just above the White back


On this gradient layer

With your Background colour on White and your Foreground Nulled out

Draw out a small heart shape using Preset Shapes

Once placed on the canvas, convert to Raster layer


Go to Mura Meister Copies

Apply Tiling on the default settings except Change the tile gap to 2



Greg's Factory Output Vol 2 Pool Shadow on the default settings to this heart layer

Crop to canvas size

Then Layers, Merge Down and it should merge this layer with the Bottom Gradient layer

On this merged layer

Apply Adjust, Blur, Radial Blur on these settings

Click OK

Now, on the first of the Code layers (the bottom one)

Change the Blend Mode to Multiply

and then on this layer, apply Xenofex 2 Constellation on these settings

Repeat this for the other two Code layers (Multiply for the blend mode and then apply Xenofex - don't forget to

hit Random Seed a couple of times before Applying the constellation)

Optional:  At this point, I also added a texture layer to my tag

Pasted just above the original gradient layer

and changed my Blend Mode to Multiply for this texture then Cropped to canvas size

But, this is optional

Now open your Chosen tube...finally lol!!

Copy and Paste and Place on the left of the tag

Above the Code layers (so it's at the top of the Layer Palette)

Apply a favourite tube shadow to this tube





and on this right hand side tube

Change the Blend Mode to



Paste your smaller version of the tube a couple of times

One to show the lower body content

and place near the middle of the tag canvas

and one that shows the face

and that's more over to the right

(See my tag for placement reference)

Once placed as liked

Apply dropshadow to these two tubes

and crop to canvas size again

For funzies, I also changed the Blend Mode of the body content tube to




With your text tool, choose a favourite font

Stroke width on Black 2.00

and fill on a colour from the tag

Type out the word of choice


Place where liked

Add same dropshadow as before

I moved mine below the main small tube to add some depth

Add a new layer above all the others

Selections, Select All

Floodfill with the original gradient once more

Selections, Modify, Contract by 6

Hit Delete

and you should have the central part of the tag showing and this has given us

a simple 6 pixel border?

Selections None

Then, Selections, All

Selections, Float, Selections, Defloat

and on this border layer

Eye Candy 4000, HSB Noise on the Factory default

Now back to the border layer

and apply

Adjust, Add/Remove Noise, Add Noise, Random on 28 Monochrome ticked

OK now here's the rub

My tut writing means I write as I go when I make the tag and it was at this point I decided something needed I changed it!  So here's what to change...

I changed the BLEND MODE of the Code Layers to Soft Light (all three of them)


I added a new Layer just above the main smaller sized tube

And did a Floodfill Black, Select All, Selections, Modify, Contract by 8  and hit Delete

Selections None

thus giving me a two pixel border, inside the gradient, HSB noise one


Above the Main border layer

I added a new Layer

Floodfill this with Black and repeated the above steps for making a border but this

time I only Contracted by 1 pixel then hit delete

I was happier with the results then lol!!


So now, on we go

Apply your name to just above your text layer

using a favourite scripty font of choice

Add a gradient glow finish and same dropshadow as before


At this point I also added a layer with a sparkle

Above the Soft Lighted layers but below the left tube - but this is optional too :)


Add artist info in a place where it will show clearly (!)

Apply same gradient glow if necessary



Animate the Usual Way for a 3 layered animated tag

Go to my How To page (up there in the Nav Bar) if you're unsure how to do this

And for this tag, Have the Frame Properties on 15

Save tag as .GIF

and there you go - hope you enjoyed this latest Forum Style tut of mine

If so, please send me your tags and I'll display my favourites down below this tut

Hugs xx

This result is from Sammi

This result is from Vixen

This result is from Tiggs

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