Paint Shop Pro Signature Tag Tutorials by Vix



Supplies Needed

Tube/s of Choice - I'm using Cinda by Ismael Rac and can be purchased from Rac's store HERE

Xero Graphics - Soft Vignette

Texture of Choice

Fonts of Choice

Brushes (optional)

Animation Shop


Open a New Image in PSP - 675 x 300 pixels


Adjust to your own preference/forum rules etc

Add a New layer

Floodfill White

Add a New layer

Apply a favourite two colour gradient or make one using the Foreground/Background gradient in PSP

Use two colours that will compliment your tube, one darker shade that the other

Floodfill this new layer with your gradient using

Angle 45, Repeats 3 on the linear setting


Now, Blur, Radial Blur and apply these settings of mine...

So, we're going to sort the Animation backgrounds first so

Duplicate the floodfilled gradient layer twice to total 3 layers


On the bottom one, go to Xero Graphics - Soft Vignette

and apply these settings of mine...

On the 2nd layer up (the middle one)

Apply to this layer BUT change the Repeats slider to 72


on the 3rd layer up (the top one)

Apply but this time change the Repeats slider to 70

OK, leave that for now :D


So, open a couple of tubes you'd like to use

Copy and Paste them onto your image canvas

Move and place where liked and apply a favourite effect to your tubes

(Maybe duplicate, blur, blend mode change etc or effect) 

Whatever you've used and liked

For my left hand side tube, I duplicated, blurred the top one Gaussian on 5 then applied a Xero Radience to the top

tube and then changed the blend

mode to Soft Light, and then changed the bottom tube blend mode to

Screen and dropped the Opacity to 69 but have a play and see what you prefer!

Now, with your paler shade as the Foreground colour and your darker shade as your Background colour

Take your Preset Shape Tool, set to Rectangle with a Line Width of 4

and draw out a long rectangle across the image canvas

Don't worry if you go over the edge...good!  You're supposed to :D


Once drawn out, Objects, Align, Center in Canvas

And you should see that at the sides, you can't see the lighter shade edge?


Convert to Raster layer

and move down the tag canvas using Move Tool

Once happy with placement

Drop below the right hand side (in my case) or your Main tube image

Click inside the rectangle using Magic Wand on my eternal settings lol!

Which are, Mode: Add, Match Mode: RGB, Tolerance 0, Contiguous Ticked, Feather 0 and Anti-alias ticked

and set to outside

Add a New layer above the rectangle layer

and Copy and Paste a favourite texture onto the tag canvas

Once positioned where like

Selections, Invert

and then on the texture layer

Hit Delete

Selections None

And change the Blend Mode to something suitable for your tag - I used Screen


On the Rectangle layer

Change the blend mode to



One that compliments your tag


on this Rectangle layer

Apply the following dropshadow

Now, take a contrasting colour and place in the Background box

Have the Foreground on Null


With your Text Tool, set to Create as: Vector (always lol!)

choose a favourite font and type out a word...I used delicious

Don't apply, when you've typed your word

Whizz over to the Background box, right click it and up will come your colour palette

choose one of your previous colours from the tag and type the word again, then repeat with another colour

Once happy, hit Apply

Move into position as mine

I had to duplicate this and move across as I hadn't typed my word out enough lol!  So don't worry if you have

the same prob

And on this text layer

Adjust Noise, Add/Remove Noise, 10, Gaussian, with Monochrome Ticked

Now add your name using Black - I used Bank Gothic on a 300 Kerning as I've got a short name

Place as mine

and add a favourite dropshadow/gradient glow - or both! :)


Now the tag is as we'd like it - Crop it to the canvas size it is

Go to Crop Tool - it should say 675 x 300 and tick

At the top of the layer palette

Add new Layer

Selections, Select All

Floodfill with Black, Modify, Contract, 4, Hit Delete, Selections None


Selections, Select All

Add a new Layer above the Black edge

Now floodfill with your Gradient once more

Selections, Modify, Contract by 3

Hit Delete

Selections None

and apply the same Noise settings we used for the wording

And on the Black Edge, apply a dropshadow of 0, 0, 35.00, 7.00 Black

Right then, add your artist info

And if liked, add some brushes or suchlike to finish off your tag

I drew out a small heart, then duplicated it and Adjusted the Brightness/Contrast to get different shades

Move up and down the layer palette as needed


Ready to Animate?

Animate my usual way for a 3 layered animated tag WITH ONE BIG DIFFERENCE

Hide the top two gradient layers

Edit, Copy Merged,

Take to Ani Shop

Paste as New Animation

Back to PSP

DON'T hide the bottom gradient layer and

Unhide the Middle one - so both are unhidden

Edit, Copy Merged again

Back to Ani Shop

Paste after Current Frame

Back to PSP

Leave the two gradients unhidden and finally,

Unhide the top one - so all three gradient layers can be seen (which is not normally the way we do this lol!)

Edit, Copy Merged

Back to Ani Shop

Paste after Current Frame (Frame 2)

and there's your basic animation


You can either use a Fade Image Transition between the three frames (see my tutorials such as Forum Style II for the settings)

or just have it, as I did - with the Frame Properties on 25 for a nice flow...any faster and it's a bit reach-for-the-lasers lol!


Save as .GIF and that's it!!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial

If you do it and are happy with your results, please feel free to send me your tag/s

and I'll add some of my faves below :)

This result is from Mama Ev


This tutorial was written on 13th August 2010 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design created

this morning and

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