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OK, this one is a little more ambitious so as long as you're comfortable using

your Selection Freehand tool (the Lasso tool in some versions) then you should be fine.

If not, then use the Selection tool on a Rectangle setting...see my tut for details.


Tube of Choice - Artwork © Jessica Dougherty

In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from


If you don't wish to purchase it, please feel free to use a different tube


Xero Graphics Soft Vignette


Xenofex 2 Constellation


Filters Unlimited 2 - Paper Textures - Canvas Coarse


Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow


Additional - scrap embellishments of choice similar to mine (ie. flowers)


Open a new Image in PSP - 575 by 150

Floodfill White

Choose your Tube

Open it

Take two colours from it and create my favourite floodfill - the ol' Foreground Background gradient

Have the setting on Linear with 0 repeats and 0 angle

(Why do I use this so much? Simple, it compliments the tube sooooo well :D)


on your canvas

Floodfill with your gradient


Duplicate this floodfilled layer to total 3


on the bottom one - Xero Graphics - Soft Vignette on these settings

(If you don't want the complimenting colour - take your setting which is on Negative

and change to one that you prefer)


On the middle floodfilled layer

change the top slider (Repeats) to 42

and on the top one

Change the top slider to 44


Now back to the bottom floodfilled layer

Xenofex 2 Constellation

On these settings

Apply to each of the floodfilled layers

changing the Random Seed each time



So, as you can see - and I've nooooooooo idea why it does it, the Xeno hasn't applied

all the way down the Vignette effect

In fact - on my 2nd example, it applied top and bottom but not middle - gaaaaaaah! lol!!!

But it actually looked quite cool that way :D


SO, this next bit of the tut is for coverage (if you end up with the same Xeno placement as my first one)

or just for funzies (if your Xeno applied well and you like the result)




Take your Selection Freehand tool (sometimes called the Lasso tool?)

It should be in your Selection Tool bit in PSP

Right - for the settings - change to Point to Point

Mode Add, Feather 0, Smoothing 0 and Anti Alias ticked

Now - on the left side of the canvas

Click on the canvas (left click)and taking your selection tool, draw out

in zig zag style, a selection to cover the bottom points of the Constellation effect.

When you get to the right hand side of the canvas

go down and back along the bottom then up to meet the start point (right click)

Make sure you're up to and/or pretty close to the side edges of the canvas

Oh I've probably not explained that bit very well, it's something I do without

well hopefully you've got a selection now that is ziggy zaggy along the top edge and smooth along the

bottom! See my tag to see what I mean...

IF you really can't do this, then perhaps

try just a Rectangle selection instead (I did this for my 2nd example) but give it a go if you can xx


Selections, Modify, Expand by 2 (or more, you want the Selection over the side and bottom edge

of the tag canvas)

Add a new Layer above the Floodfilled ones

And floodfill with your gradient again

Selections, Modify, Feather by 2, Selections Invert

and hit Delete a couple of times on the floodfilled layer


Selections None


Now either use Filters Unlimited 2 if you have it on the Paper Textures

and use Canvas Coarse on Intensity 25 or thereabouts

If you haven't got it - just use a favourite Texture from PSP or similar plug in



Optional - apply Gradient Glow to the ziggy layer

and then finally


use this shadow







Right, remember our tube lol!



Place on the canvas where it looks best

I've gone for left side

Apply a dropshadow of choice


You can have it in front or behind our ziggy layer - it's up to you.


You can also duplicate the tube - place below the ziggy layer

and change the Blend Opacity to Soft Light or similar, but this is optional


Now, for finishing touches...

Some flowers perhaps? Or as you can see with my 3rd example, I went with the tube theme using

Monti's Baseball kit.

Anyway, choose your bits then

Resize reasonably small and place above and below the ziggy layer - see my tag for ref.

Don't overshadow what you've already done...hard work has gone into this tag of yours :)

I used some flowers that came with PSP (or I got them free from the Corel site - can't remember!)


Anyway add your finishing touches - perhaps a bow behind the ziggy layer?

or some favourite Wordart?  Wordart is handy if you get a top and bottom Xeno placement

You can add your phrase along the bit that has none :D

Go creative!


Once done - and v.important - Crop the canvas to it's size using

Snap Crop Rectangle to: Merged Opaque in the Crop Tool section

Crop (the canvas size will be the same)

and finally

Layers, New Raster Layer above all the others

Selections, Select All

Selections, Modify, Contract by 2

Selections Invert

Floodfill Black

Select All

Selections, Modify, Contract by 1

Selections Invert

Floodfill White

Selections None

and apply a 0, 0, 35, 7.00 Black shadow to this frame layer

Note: If you had a nightmare with your selection, make your frame layer Contractions larger (ie. 3 or 4 or more)

to compensate for any missing ziggy layer fill you may have on the sides - but you should be fine as long as you expanded

the ziggy selection before you floodfilled it.


Add your artist info


Finally - your name!

You may - like me - need to fiddle with various fonts 'til you

find the one you like for this - I used Futurist Fixed Width for my first go

(a font suggested many moons ago by the truly fabulous Tyleress and I still love it hehe xx)


For animation, choose your method :D

You can either animate the usual way for a 3 layered animation

(see my How to Page if unsure)

Have your Frame Properties fairly low - so the animation is quite fast.

About 33 or thereabouts.


You can animate using my Forum Style method of Insert Image Transition

Follow the method from either Forum Style II and III - they're both fade animating tuts.

Anyway, it's up to you :) Remember though, the more stuff, colours and frames you've got

going on in your tag, the higher the file kbs will be

My 2nd example came in at 514kbs!

This example used a Rectangle selection...but I went for the Image Transition animation method

and this one used the ziggy selection as before, but with a plain 3 layered animation set at 33

Anyway, that's it - Forum Style IV, hope you enjoy

Thanks for looking

and have fun xx

This tutorial was written on 5th May 2009 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design and

any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that

may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental.

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