Paint Shop Pro Signature Tag Tutorials by Vix





Tube of Choice - a computer girl would be a good choice for this tut.

I used the delicious artwork of Rion Vernon

His artwork is available for PSP licensed usage via CILM


My Supplies

Tool Palette

Materials Palette

Text Palette


(Please do not use these as supplies for other tag tutorials, thank you xx)

Filters needed for this tutorial

Mura's Meisters - Copies

Toadies - What are You?

Eye Candy 4 HSB Noise

Gradient Glow (either 4 or 5)



Open a New Image 600 x 600 White Background

(Yep this tag is biiiiig and there's no room for cropping

at the end so either start smaller if wished although remember

to resize the elements more lol! - or resize at the end before animating)


Open the Materials Palette pic I've provided

(you may want to change the selected colours on the pic to

2 from your own tag - you could click inside the boxes with magic

wand set on 20 tolerance, add new layers

and floodfill with colours of choice - once done, merge and copy and paste onto canvas)


Place the Materials palette in the centre of the canvas


Add a Gradient Glow with the following settings using either a dark or light

colour from your tube as the colour glow - whichever you'd prefer

Apply it again

Now add a subtle dropshadow


Open the Toolbar Palette and copy

and paste as a New layer

Duplicate and hide the original

Highlight the duplicate layer , Resize 80% Smartsize

Apply the gradient glow to this resized one

Apply it just once though

And now resize two times more (again by 80%)

Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen

Place in centre of tag over the Materials Palette (for the moment)

Now apply Mura Meister Copies on the following settings -

And move this layer below the Materials palette layer

Duplicate and on the original layer we're going to add Toadies

Change the two colour boxes in your real Materials palette to white

and apply the Toadies What are You?

changing the top two (X-Dose and Y-Dose) sliders to 10

On the duplicated Mura's layer, apply the same subtle dropshadow

as before


Unhide the orignal large Toolbar Palette

Place to the left of the tag canvas

(see my tag for reference)

Apply the Gradient Glow again

(just once)

Duplicate this layer

and move it over to the right

(Don't mirror is as it won't look right)


Now, you have a choice - you can either

erase the parts of the toadies layer and

mura's layer that are sticking out behind the two

large toolbars - or you can leave it as it is.

I did one with erase and one without so you can see both.


I've also provided a Font Text Toolbar

which if you've got a choppy tube like I used for the first one

you can use it to cover the straight edge

(just copy and paste - resize 80% - sharpen and apply glow and shadow as before)


Now to add the background text

Use a pixel/bitmap/computer font of your choice

using a lightish colour from the tag/tube

Type out a word or phrase related to the tag

(I used I love PSP for one and Computer Girl on the other)

Apply the Mura Meister Copies filter but this time

set to Tiling and change the Tile Gap to 3


Take your Selection tool set on Rectangle

Draw out a rectangle and make the edges meet either outside edge of the large toolbars

Selections, Invert

and Delete the excess wording

Move this word layer down to just above the white background

and underneath the toadies layer

You can take your eraser on a large subtle opacity setting if

liked and softly erase some of the outside of the words if liked

You could also add a mask if prefered

Apply a very subtle shadow to this word layer

I used 0, 0, 30, 5

or you may prefer no shadow - your choice


Now duplicate this word layer twice

and apply the HBS Noise filter on the following settings -

Apply to the other two layers

but hit Random Seed a couple times each time

before applying

Add the small hearts layer if liked - recolour if needed, duplicate as

many times

and apply where liked

Once happy with placement - merge the heart layers and add shadow


Now add your name in a font of choice

using the dark colour from your tube

Apply the gradient glow to this text layer

but change the outer colour to a lighter one from your tag/tube

Add a favourite shadow to the name.


Add copyright info etc.


Add bows or other scraps if wished


Ready to Animate?

Animate the usual way for a 3 layered animated tag

Very Important bit - make sure you

hit Edit, Select All, Animation Properties, Opaque

and choose White otherwise you may end up

with a coloured edged background as opposed to

a white background tag.

(yep, I know we've already added a white background in PSP, but believe

me this simple step in Ani Shop makes a lot of difference)

Change the Frame Properties to 25 or slower

That's it xx

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy this tut

This tutorial was written on 8th September 2007 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag I made for a Tube Challenge in my favourite forum

and is a tutorial of my own design

Any potential similarity to other tag tutorials that may be available

is wholly coincidental and completely unintentional.