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I love B&W tags, Barb Jensen's art and I love flowers - so

hey, it's a tut!


Facial Image/Tube of Choice - I used a fantastic one by

Barbara Jensen

You'll need to purchase it from Barb's site if you wish to use the same one

Ivy Tube - I don't remember where I got this

and I don't know who tubed it.  It's beautiful, so if it was you who

tubed it, please let me know so I may acknowledgeyou or remove the item from supplies.

Daisy Line - tubed by ? but made into a line by me

Pixel Font - Borgnine - free pixel font I obtained from

Download the Supplies HERE

Filters - Mura Meister's Copies


VM Extravaganza Transmission


Open a New Image 550 x 550

Add New layer

Floodfill White


Open a New Image 200 Wide by 350 High

Floodfill Black

Selections, Select All

Selections, Modify, Contract by 10

Selections Invert

Add new Layer

Floodfill White

Selections None

Layers, Merge All Flatten


Edit Copy

Edit Paste as a New Layer

on the Original 550 x 550 Canvas

Should appear in the centre-ish of the canvas

If not - move it there lol


On the bottom layer add a subtle shadow





And then apply the Mura Meister Copies filter

Look for the Preset Cards

and change to the following settings

Once applied - duplicate the Mura's layer


Flip and move the duplicated carded layer below

the original carded layer


Now back to the small canvas we filled and pasted

Copy and Paste again if it's not still on your Clipboard


and on the duplicated layer

Image, Free Rotate, Left 90

Add the following dropshadow to it

apply again but change to 8 and -6


On the original

Move it under all the other layers

to just above the White B/G

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur 40.00

Apply the VM Extravagana Transmission filter

on the default settings to this layer


Right then, back to the original black rectangle that

we copy and pasted at the start lol!

If it's not at the top of all the others - move it up to the top

Click inside on the black part

with your Magic Wand on 0 Tolerance

(If you do this tut with a coloured gradient

have it on Angle 45 and Repeat 2 and use

Magic Wand on a 50 Tolerance to enable you to select all the

inside part)

Choose the tube you wish to use

Copy and Paste as a New layer

above all the others

Place how prefered within the selection

Selection, Invert, Delete

and delete the excess tube

Selections None

Now change the tube to Adjust, Hue and Saturation 0 and 0

and lower the opacity on this tube layer to about 60

Add the same deep dropshadow to the

rectangle we applied previously to the other rectangle layer


Hide this tube layer and rectangle layer


You should have the rotated dropshadowed black rectangle showing at

the top of the working canvas now

Go to your Text Tool

Find Borgnine - Have on Size 10

Stroke Null, Fill White

and Anti Alias OFF

Type out a word or some words of choice

Convert to Raster

Now, apply Mura Meister Copies - Tiling

and change the Tile Gap to 2


Click inside the black part of the rectangle below it

Selections, Invert, Delete

and delete the excess wording

Selections None

Add the small dropshadow we applied previously

to this word layer


Now, unhide the two layers we hid before

Your layers should be looking something like this order

Yes?  Faaaaabulous - on we go...

Open the Ivy tube

Copy and Paste as a New Layer above the others

Image, Resize 80% Smartsize - All Layers not ticked

Adjust Hue and Saturation 0 and 0

Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen

Place this on the bottom left of the original rectangle


Right, stay with me here lol


Duplicate the ivy




the duplicate one

now back to the original




(It'll depend where the face is of your main

tube - you don't want the Ivy covering the face)

Merge the Ivy layers together

and add the following subtle shadow






Open the DaisyLine

(I didn't tube the daisy, but I did greyscale and line it)

Copy and Paste as a New layer

above the Original Carded Layer

Duplicate it

and move it up to the top

to help cover the jaggedy edges left after any type of

non-right angled rotation lol!

(and the daisies lewk purdy!)





Go to your Text Tool

Stroke White 2.00, Fill Black (or gradient)

Find your Basic font of choice

I used Copperplate Gothic Bold

Size 36

Type out "Beauty in Bloom" or similar lol

Image, Rotate 90 to the Left

Convert to Raster






If needed, move back to the left slightly

Merge these text layers together

and apply same subtle shadow we used before


Add your name Stroke 2.00 (or 1.00 depending on the scripty font used) Black

Fill White (or if using gradient, Stroke White and Fill Gradient)

in a fancy scripty font of your choice

Stretch and Rotate

Convert to Raster

Add the same subtle shadow


Add Copyright info etc


Crop spare canvas if liked


Save as .PNG


That's it - all done xx

Here's my 2nd example, I used a favourite gradient

and didn't do the Adjust, Hue and Saturation parts of the tut

I've supplied the Daisy Line for this version too.


This tutorial was written on 27th March 2008 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design and

any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that

may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental.

Items supplied to use to create your own tag with this tutorial are supplied

in good faith - if I have used something not intended

for usage in this way, please contact me via email.

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