Paint Shop Pro Signature Tag Tutorials by Vix

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  1. Welcome to my tutorial site - Paint Shop Pro Signature Tag Tutorials by Vi
  1. I no longer write tutorials on a regular basis but I do dabble now and again with my most recent tutorial written in 2017
  2. However,  this year I shall be writing some back to basics tutorials!  Simple tuts that will produce effective results using PSP Effects, shapes, textures and filters.  
  3. Please use the Drop down menus in the bar above to help navigate your way around - simply hover your mouse over the wording to find more content
  4. My website is also home to the archive of tutorials by Tyleress - they rock; enjoy!
  5. The site remains active and accessible for all your tag tutorial needs, top up refreshers, old school forum/group challenges or perhaps revisiting old favourites
  6. All of my legacy tutorials remain registered with TWI (Tutorial Writers Inc)
  7. My Terms of Use are still in place so if you haven't read them, please do so - you can find them above
  8. Thank you for your visit today - I hope you find something to enjoy and don't forget to bookmark the site and come back often to get familiar with my techniques and methods, which may inspire you in your own signature tag making.  So that eventually you can open a blank canvas and just make a tag from scratch using all the different tools you have used and methods from sigs you have made in the past - and when you can do that, you know you've got it!
  9. Have fun one and all!
  10. PS. My site looks different as I mistakenly changed the site building format and now cannot re-add old widgets I used etc.  Never mind, I'll try jazzing this one up and see how it turns out!  I think I have managed to re-add my Shoutbox but you'll need to be a member of my site to access it. Many of you already are if you have been able to leave messages in the past :)  You can join below :)