28/05/11 22:30
Barnsley Road, Newmillerdam, Wakefield
Road Traffic Collison - Proved to be
collision involving 1 car outside the Dam Inn Public House, 1 female was trapped in car, extricated by fire service personnel and then transported to hospital by ambulance.
Appliances from Wakefield (8001CARP 8002) and Normanton (8801) attended.

26/05/11 00:36
Alma Street, Windhill, Shipley
Flat Fire Persons reported - Proved to be ground floor flat involved in fire and crews used 2 Hosereel jets, 4 Breathing apparatus and Positive Pressure ventilation fans to clear the smoke.. In total 11 persons evacuated from the flats. The male occupant of the flat involved was rescued by Fire crews and taken to Bradford Royal infirmary suffering from smoke inhalation.
Appliances from Shipley (5101), Bingley (4101) and idle (4401) attended.

24/05/11 20:49
Robert Street North, Boothtown, Halifax
House Fire -Proved to be the
bedroom involved with crews using 2 Hosereel jets, 4 Breathing apparatus and Positive pressure ventilation fan. Ambulance treated 1 casualty suffering the effects of smoke.
Appliances from Halifax (6401CARP 6402) attended

22/05/11 18:04
Athol green, Ovenden, Halifax
Flat Fire persons Reported - Proved to be
1 adult male rescued by Fire service personnel suffering smoke inhalation, oxygen therapy administered by Fire service but he did not attend hospita.
Appliances from Illingworth (6701) and Halifax (6401 6402) attended.

18/05/11 14:13
Sugar Lane
, Agbrigg Wakefield.
Person Stuck - Proved to be a female with a garden rake impaled through her foot. Casualty was sedated by ambulance crews to allow fire service to cut down handle of rake to allow casualty to be transported to hospital for rake to be removed from her foot.
Appliance from
Wakefield (8001) attended.

17/05/11 13:38
Granary Wharfe,
Water Rescue Incident - Proved to be the male pilot of a barge who had fallen into the canal. The engine of the barge was still running and the pilot was unable to climb back onto the barge and was clinging to the barge. Fire service crews switched off power to the engine and then rescued the pilot from the water.
Appliances from
Leeds (2001WR 2002), Rothwell (9101WR), Wakefield (8001) and Hunslet (2502) attended.

13/05/11 22:00
Swales Moor Road, Shibden, Halifax
Building Fire MP x 12 Incident - Proved to be a Refuse storage shed approx 50m x 70m 100% involved in fire. crews used 3 Ground monitors and 1 Large jet.
Appliances from Illingworth (6701), Halifax (6401 6402), Elland (6301), Brighouse (6101), Odsal (4701 4702), Huddersfield (6002), Keighley (6402), Mirfiled (8701 8712HL), Bradford (4002), Cleckheaton (6201), Batley (8101 8128CU) attended.

11/05/11 07:20
New Works Road
, Low Moor, Bradford
Suspicious Package - Proved to be a package found containing a white powder sustance. Substanced was tested on site and proved to be a chemical additive for the food industry. A cordon of 100metres was set up during the operation to identify the substance involved.
Appliances from Odsal (4701 4702) and Dewsbury (8302 and DIM unit) attended.
Police cordon off the area

10/05/11 18:37
Poundstretcher, Cavendish street, Keighley
Building Fire MP x 8, Aerials x 2 Incident - Proved to be a single storey approx 20m x 50m used as retail outlet, Fire involving approx 75% of the ground floor. Crews used 4 Large Jets, 2 ground Monitors, 2 Aerial monitors and 4 Breathing apparatus sets.
Appliances from Keighley (4601 4602), Bingley (4101), Haworth (4301), Silsden (5201), Shipley (5101), Illingworth (6701), Fairweather Green (4201), Batley (8101 8128CU), Halifax (6401 CARP), Bradford (4006 ALP), Cookridge (2201) and Elland (6301) attended.
Firefighters tackle the blaze at Poundstretcher (photo by David Raven)

10/05/11 10:48
Wellington Street
, Leeds
Traffic Collision - proved to be 2 cars involved with 1 casualty trapped and extricated by Fire service. The casualty was transported to hospital by ambulance.
Appliances from Leeds (2001 2002) and Hunslet (2502) attended

08/05/11 12:55
Grove Road, Ilkley
Road Traffic Collision - proved to be 2 cars involved with 1 casualty trapped and extricated by Fire service. The female casualty who suffered a head injury was transported to hospital by ambulance.
Applianbces from Ilkley (4501), Otley (4801) and Rawdon (5001) attended

05/05/11 21:35
Titan Works, Claremount Road, Halifax
Building Fire MP x 8 Aerials x 2 Incident - Proved to be fire with persons reported in a 2 storey derelict building approx 110m x 50m. Ground and 1st floor involved in fire and crews used 2 large jets, 2 Ground monitors, 2 Aerial platforms and 2 Breathing apparatus sets. No persons were involved in the Incident.
Appliances from
Halifax (4601CARP 4602), Illingworth (6701), Elland (6301), Odsal (4701 4702), Bradford (4002 4006ALP) and Hunslet (2502) attended.

editorial image


05/05/11 09:15
Elsdon Grove, Little Horton, Bradford
Flat Fire - Proved to be smoke on fourth floor of multi storey block of flats, 3 floors smoke logged.
Firefighters at the sceneVideo

Wakefield Road, Bradford
Building Fire - Proved to be a 2 storey derelict garage property involved, 50% of ground floor with rubbish alight. Crews used 1 Small jet, 1 Hosereel jet 2 Breathing apparatus and Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan.
Appliances from Bradford (4001) and Odsal (4702) attended.
Fire crews tackle the blazevideo

04/05/11 17:14
Station Road, Luddenden Foot, Halifax
Building Fire MP x 5 Incident - Proved to be a approx 150 tyres and 30% of the single storey garage building involved in fire, Crews used 2 Large jets and 4 Breathing apparatus sets.
Appliances from Mytholmroyd (7001), Todmorden (7401), Halifax (6402), Elland (6301) and Brighouse (6101) attended.
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04/05/11 10:57
St.Mary's Place, Saville Town, Dewsbury
Persons Trapped - Proved to be 2 men trapped on scaffolding after stones from gable end came loose and threatened collapse of property. Crews used ladders to remove the men who were unhurt at the incident.
Appliances from Dewsbury (8301 8302) and USAR team attended.

04/05/11 09:41
M62 Motorway Eastbound, Jcn 25 to 26,
Traffic Collision - Proved to be 2 cars involved with 1 casualty trapped. Male casualty extricated by Fire service under the care of West Yorkshire Paramedics. The roof of the car was removed to aid in the casualty recovery, who was then taken to hospital by ambulance
Appliances from Elland (6301), Odsal (4701) and Bradford (4002) attended.
Crash on the M62 on 04/05/11

03/05/11 18:00
Cragg Road
, Mytholmroyd.
Moorland Fire MP x 8 Incident - Proved to be approx 1000sq metres involved with crews using 2 Hosereel Jets, 1 Fogger Unit, 4 Water backpacks and 15 Beaters.
Appliances from Halifax (6402), Mytholmroyd (7001), Brighouse (6101), Huddersfield (6001 6002), Odsal (4702), Marsden (6801), Dewsbury (8302), Todmorden (7401 7415WU) and Stanningley (Volume Pumping Unit) attended.

02/05/11 16:38
Hillside Road, Owlett Road, Shipley
House Fire - Proved to be house involved and crews used 1 Hosereel jet, 4 Breathing apparatus and Positive Pressure ventilation fan. 1 male suffered smoke inhalation and was transported to hospital by ambulance.
Appliances from Shipley (5101) and Gipton (2402) attended.

02/05/11 14:43
Old Maggot Farm, Stocking Lane, Knottingley
Scrapyard on fire MP x 4 for Water - Proved to be scrap Heavy Goods Vehicles involved and crews used 2 Ultra Light Portable Pumps and 2 Large jets. Local water source located nearby and incident reduced tp 3 pumps.
appliances from Knottingley (8601), Pontefract (9001), Castleford (8201) and Normanton (8801) attended.

02/05/11 14:38
Longley Moors, Long Lee Lane, Keighley
Fire in open - Proved to be moorland involved covering an area approx 200m x 200m, crews used 3 Large jets and 3 Beaters.
Appliances from Keighley (4601 4602 4615WU) and
Haworth (4301) attended.

01/05/11 05:30
Update....Huddersfield Incident
CARP and 2 Large jets still in use.......

30/04/11 18:02

Oxfam Warehouse, Ringwood Industrial Estate, Beck Road, Bradford Road, Huddersfield
Building Fire MP x 6, ALP x 2 Incident - Proved to be an industrial unit for storage of donated clothing. This was a single storey building approx 55m x 40m and 100% involved in fire. Crews have used 2 Ground Monitors, 2 Large jets and 2 Aerial Ladder Platform jets. A structural engineer has attended due to the unsafe building which is showing signs of collapse. A gas main was alight within the building and gas board required to isolate supply.
Twenty propane canisters were found at the scene by firefighters but were not involved in the fire. Suspected that Asbestos roofing also involved on the site.
Appliances from
Huddersfield (6001 6006ALP) Dewsbury (8302), Morley (2701), Brighouse (6101), Wakefield (8002), Stanningley (3112 HL), Mirfield (8701), Batley (8101 8128CU), Bradford (4006ALP), Cleckheaton (6201), Pontefract (9001), Castleford (8201) and Keighley (4602) attended