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The Legendary Hero: A Journey Reborn


In the year 1516, a great war started between two groups; the Legends and the Virus. The Red Wind, the Blue Meteor, and the Virus disappeared from history for 500 years, leaving behind the scars. In another Dimension exist a young boy, Chris Aero, who's destiny it tied with the Legends ad the Virus. Dreaming of adventures and meeting new people, his wish is granted but not in his vision. Now trapped in another world where the Legends and Virus war took place, he now journeys in the realm of "Magelutix" in search of a way back to his home and learn the truth of the relationship between the two groups and end their old war. But will he, who deserves no violence, stop the Virus that has return and what is the destiny he shares with the Legends.


Chris Aero - The main character of the story. A lonely boy, but with a friendly personality who wishes to engage in many wild adventures. His first name can be renamed by the player.

George Rock - The second main character of the story. A feiry hot-head punk who loves to engage in battle. Despite he's tough personality he's a caring person that doesn't let anybody around him get hurt. He is Chris' cousin. Like Chris, his first name can be renamed by the player.

Drake-Cyrus (a.k.a. DC) - A young 8 year-old wizard in-training that runs a Tech Shop alongwith his partner, Tiff Lovebeat. Skilled in the art of magic and machines, DC is extremly intelligent at his age. He seems to have a crush on Tiff. He joins the Party, but leaves after events when in the Party and must be recruited at his Tech Shop to join again.

Tiff Lovebeat - A 12 year-old girl who's specialty is Machines and Crafting. Her choice of weapons are a Wrench and Screwdriver. She joins the Party, but leaves after events when in the Party and must be recruited at his Tech Shop to join again.

Seemore Gale - A old man and mayor of Heaven City. He and Shide have a strange connection with one another, also knows about Chris and George. Despite he's old man, his a very skill fighter who excels at magic to enchant his old abilities he once had.

Shide - A Mysterious entity the seems to personally know the Virus and has unknown ties with them. He looks after both Chris and George, and teaches them the ways of the Legends.


Demo v2.0 - June 2008

Full Release - August 2008

The Legendary Hero: Journey of Worlds


Coming Fall 2008! For enchanted remake version!


Chris Aero - Coming Fall 2008!

George Rock - Coming Fall 2008!

Drake-Cyrus (a.k.a. DC) - Coming Fall 2008!

Tiff Lovebeat - Coming Fall 2008!

Seemore Gale - Coming Fall 2008!

Shide - Coming Fall 2008!


Winter 2008

The Legendary Hero: Twilight Journey


Coming 2009!


Chris Aero - Coming 2009!

George Rock - Coming 2009!

Drake-Cyrus (a.k.a. DC) - Coming 2009!

Tiff Lovebeat - Coming 2009!

Seemore Gale - Coming 2009!