Restorations Restorations M200 Ex GTG Both occupants walked away with minor injuiries 52102732 ZAG Rigging checks 52093147 M200 EX GTG Side view 52102733 ES57 Kingfisher ZAG Currently in storage awaiting completion 52093145 Kingy Rebuild both sides rebuilt and internal ribs 88653178 Rudder Extensive crush damage and broken spars 52102734 Elevator and Trim Extensive crush damage, a slow process rebuilding ribs 52102735 Kingy tailplane rebuild 76433503 Elevator and trim Another view 52102736 Kingy 76433504 Wing Rebuild Massive damage to ribs and dive brake areas 52102737 Kingy fuse Completed in storage 88663413 ZAG Wing repairs 88663417 ZAG Water damaged 88663416 ZAG Wing repairs 88663415 Kingy ZAG Wing ready to recover, in storage 88653181 Rudder Spar plice being prepared 52102741 Rudder Completed splice 52102742 ES52 mk4 GRR Awaiting restoration, in storage 52093146 Kooka rebuild Both aileron spars and webbing 88653176 Kooka GRR Trailing edge, end rib and various rib repairs 88653180 GRR Wing repairs Aug 2010 99112281 GRR Fuse aug 2010 99112280 Dart GTQ As bought water damaged 99107380 GTQ Outer fglass skin nearly fell off 99107381 GTQ The nosecone,wasnt holding on by much 99108546 GTQ The work begins 99107382 Dart Fuselage rebuild Interesting structure with fglass skin, note distance between seat and outer skin 99107379 GTQ Centre tube repairs 99108543 GTQ Reskinning 99108544 GTQ More fuse repairs 99108545 GTQ Rear fuse rebuild 99108547 GTQ New longeron and bulhead repairs 99108548 GTQ Rear fuse repairs 99109199 GTQ New Keel, original rotted ,Ply balsa sandwich 99109200 GTQ Reskinning 99109201 GTQ Reskinning, wheel only temp 99109202 Dart Tailplane Close up view 88653175 Dart tailplane interesting construction with foam core and glass covering which had seperated 76433505 Mainspar repair Dreaded compression shake on top spar 99109203 GTQ Slicing new spar insert 99109204 GTQ First the ribs must go 99109205 GTQ New insert, 99109206 GTQ Lots of painstaking cleaning of old glue lines 99109208 GTQ Ready to close up 99109209 GTQ PLy sheeting ready to glue 99109207 GTQ Earlier repair due to low quality slicing when built, note aluminium spar 99109210 GTQ Opening up the wing roots 99109211 GTQ Spar area , internally all gleud with resorcinal (build in australia from kit) 99109212 Dart Completed awaiting canopy 88663414 BG12a GZC Extensive water damage in tailplane ,awaits rebuild 52093148 GZC Outer Wing panels 99110404 GZC Cetre section, solid laminated timber spar 99110406 Rudder Water damaged, literally pulled apart 99110407 GZC The cockpit being finished off 99110408 GZC Rudder problems 99110409 Grunau (ex hoinville a/c) Under rebuild by Stewart Hamey and Nigel Arnot 52094016 ES52 mk2 GFQ In storage 52094015 187267650 187267651 187267652 187267653 187267654 187267655 187267656 187267657