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First let me introduce myself.

Hi, My name is Vijish and I come from India ,Kerala.

I have kept pigeons since I was a young.I started with ordinary flying ones first, had a good time keeping them.....,since my loft was an open one it was not secure for all of them and had a lot of predator attacks, later I built a bigger and more safer loft for them and started with fancy ones.Keeping fancy ones was not as easy as ordinary ones always had a bad time with them as i was not aware with the proper caring and medication needed for them, learning from my past mistakes i have comitted, my pigeons are doing fine and presently adding more collections to it.

I think before getting into this hobby one should be aware of the proper caring, various diseases these birds get and their treatments, thats the basic part of it, do talk to as many fanciers as you can who wish to share there valuable information with you and the second part is the loft and selection of good stock birds, I had a tough time keeping my birds healthy. In my home town there are many breeders out there who have excellent stock birds but the bad part is they wont share their experiences with others, there are only a few close friends of mine who have helped me out with various informations and their tips .Many breeders out there take them as a Business more than a Hobby,they might be havin the best breeds with them but I like to point out that showing of your birds and pointing out that they are the best ones does not help. I hope all breeders out there share their informations or tips which many fanciers can use to improve their birds.

I am above all a hobbyist, not a dealer.I keep pigeons because of my love of the species and for their beauty. Does this mean I do not sell pigeons? No. I do sell extra birds on occasion, but I am not in it for the money (selling extra ones certainly does help cover the feed bill).I sell my extras at prices other hobbyists can afford.The site also aims to create a network of contacts so birds can be exchanged without incurring great costs when purchasing stock.

The articles you find on this page are ones which I collected from various other sites so you can go through it without opening multiple sites,you can send me your articles,pictures of your birds or any information you like to share with us. I will make sure that they are on this site, enjoy browsing and do mail me for any comments,suggestions or any mistakes made by me.

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We have started a Pigeon Club named UNITED PIGEON CLUB dedicated only to Pigeons.

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