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I have so much stuff, I'm resorting to eBay... Pics are on ebay, price is the opening bid, shipping included, if need be...

1.  Minty dreamcast in box, 2 controllers, VMU and  memory, marvel v cap com 2, crazy taxi, sonic adventure,  alien front online, $129 free shipping

2.  Mini Sega genesis 3, Superpad, with power and RCA av, and a beat up copy of moonwalked, $55

3.  Ps3 40 gb does not read discs, needs new laser, console only $55

4.  Nes, gun, power, controller, golf, baseball, Mario/duck hunt  $50

5.  Dreamcast with controller, power av, $35

and much more!

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Make sure you save some good stuff for the VGS, especially teh turbobs. :)


Plok for the SNES, go play it NOW.

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I only sold 2 turbob systems on eBay, I like selling it in person much more!

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