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So, Final Fantasy 13 left such a bad taste in my mouth that I completly ignored FF 13-2. The lack of custamazation, quests and overall story were just a huge let down. 

I was watching my friend play 13-2, and he was pretty far and his team is pretty hooked up. Anyway, there are beasts that you capture and level in the game. There's a bunch that all do different things. I thought this was pretty cool. I also saw him get his @$$ kicked by an optional boss. I love that sort of thing - optional bosses that are actually challenging. 

Picked the game up today new for $19.99. I have to say, that I am very impressed. The story rigth out the gate caught my attention and I just cant deny this game's beauty. It looks really good. The lead character is also likeable. 

From what I hear, they added towns, side quests to give player's what was lacking in 13. If you were like me, give this game a shot. For $20 you can't go wrong. 

If you've already played it, let me know what you think. In all honesty, this is just to keep me busy until Versus comes out. I am so hyped on that game. Probably going to end up getting the collectors edition guide and game cuz im just a sucker for FF games lol


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Have not played any of the ff...

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You're missing out on some great games Alex. Final Fantasy II and III on the SNES have got some amazing storylines. I have only played the 16-bit ones, but I am looking forward to playing my copy of Final Fantasy VII sometime soon. I am currently playing Lunar Silver Star on the Sega CD. Another stellar rpg.


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Square Enix realized the faux pas they made with XIII, so they did a quick rewind and listened to what the consumers and true fans of the FF series were complaining about. I feel they listened and learned quite well

FF XIII-2 went way beyond my expectations, I had the mind set that XIII was such a load of crap, that they were starting a second pile, I was wrong of course lol! I'm happy with the changes they made, with one exception, no true summons, the monsters that switch out accoring to the paradigm you have selected was a change, but I prefer a good ol' summon of Ifrit over that any day.

Besides that, the game is amazing and, once again, Square Enix has released a FF game that is worthy of the franchise, and, as always, I'm looking forward to the next installment.


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