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Hey guys, I have a few Sega saturn games for sale/trade. Possibly some other stuff, but I am starting with these.

Unless otherwise noted these games are complete and scratch free, some cases have minor cracking though.

-Bug Too

-Clockwork Knight

-Nights into Dreams (jewel case version. All art work present, no manual)

-Panzer Dragoon II Zwei

-Sim City 2000

-Soviet Strike

-Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (scratches, but doesn't affect play)

I do have 8 more complete/scratch free games, but I am pretty set on keeping those for now.

Go ahead and make fair cash offers, or trade offers.

Not really sure what I would be looking for as far as trades go, but I welcome all offers...

I currently own NES, SNES, Genesis (though it's dying), Saturn, Dreamcast, PS1,2,3, Xbox, 360, Wii, PSP, DS, GB, GBA and I believe that is all as far as systems go..... Then there is the rediculous amount of games and accessories, lol.


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OK, I have thought about it and here are some thing I am interested in



-Killzone 3

-CoD Black Ops

-PSN Cards

-If anyone has a new Guitar Hero World Tour or GH5 Band Kit Sitting Around



 -Sonic Colors



 -Sega Rally

-Metropolis Street Racer

-NFL 2K2



 - Memory Card

 -Action Replay 4M Plus


-Street Fighter Alpha 2



-Console (preferably model 2)

-Sega CD (games also)

-32X (Games Also)



-New PS2 Slim console


And of course cash...


Thats what I can think of off the top of my head, but again I am open to other offers... I am not too interested in anything for the handhelds or 360 though, I don't really play them.

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I am interested in nights, panzer 2,

I have nfl2k, Doom for 32x in box, 32x with power, sega genesis model 2, (and 1), I think I have a sega cd add on (I may have one not working well, and another one??) and a ton more....There may be a memory card for the saturn, but I am not sure...

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I would really like to get rid of the games together, it is just so hard to find anyone interested in Saturn games. I would also like to wait a bit to see if anyone else on here makes any other offers.

(.I know we are pretty far from eachother too. I don't remember what we were trying to deal, it was a couple months ago, but it was probably me looking for Saturn games.)


I also got an offer on my entire Saturn lot (not from here), but it just seems so low.

I would like if you guys could give me an opinion on what the following is roughly worth as a bundle...


-Model 1 Saturn w/ all cords and original controller

-Model 2 controller (in box w/ packaging)

-3D controller

-Stunner Light Gun


and the following complete games:


-3 Free Game Pack (Daytona USA, Virtua Cop, Virtua Fighter 2-all in original packaging)

-Bug Too

-Clockwork Knight

-Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition

-Earthworm Jim 2

-Fighters Megamix

-Manx TT Super Bike

-Nights into Dreams (no manual, but has front and rear artwork. jewel case version)

-Panzer Dragoon II Zwei

-Sega Rally Championship Netlink Edition

-Sim City 2000 (no manual, but has front and rear artwork. jewel case version... I don't think there was a longbox of this)

-Soviet Strike

-Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (this is the only game disc that is scratched at all - gameplay not affected)


All the discs besides UMK3 are in excellent shape, they are all in their original boxes (4 of which have a cracked hinge), and they all have good manuals (besides the 2 jewel case games which just have the front insert) and rear artwork.


** I can post pics if neccessary

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Not sure what that stuff is worth. However, it might be worth a shot for you to bring along some of that stuff to sell/trade at the upcoming retro gaming convention: The Video Game Summit. Read here more details:


Plok for the SNES, go play it NOW.

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I really would like to attend. Someone had emailed me about it a couple months ago or so, but I just don't think I will be able too.


It would be nice to get together with others that have a love for gaming though since none of my friends really care for video games..... My girlfriend kind of is, but if I have to play anymore Rockband/Guitar Hero, Lego games, or Kinect I am going to hang myself, lol.

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Alex I sent you a PM... Ignore the older one, just refer to the one sent at 10:07.  That one has a second message in it and for some reason my first one sent twice

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Does anyone think I can pull off a trade for a new PS3 Black Ops bundle (I want a second one) for my entire Saturn collection, a Performance VGA Box for Dreamcast and an Ice Silver PSP 2001 w/ custom firmware?


$330 seems like a pretty fair price for all that, and the buyer would technically be able to finance it since they could put the PS3 bundle on a credit card..... Or has all the Grey Goose making me crazy? lol


...... I'm betting on the latter since I'm talking to myself on here

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I mean anything is possible.  People like the psps, the dreamcast box is cool, and saturn, you could try it.  Good luck!!!

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