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The crazy part of collecting is not being able to stop yourself. When I find a good deal on a game, I get the impulse that I have to buy it, that Ii have no other choice. This was the case with Suikoden 2. The guy was selling 1-6 and both Grandia games for $180. I had to drive for 30 minutes to see him, but I had no choice, I had to buy these games.

That being said, here are some items that I want:

-CIB Zelda Four Swords

-Gameboy SP, in good working condition

-Mario Party 4 CIB

-The cables to play Gameboy with Gamecube (Side note, boy do I really love the gamecube)

-Metroid Echos

-Secret of Mana SNES

-Castelvania SOTN, black label (Almost forget)

-The SOTN official Strategy Guide (Really want this, but don't want to pay a fortune for it!)

Can't think of anything else at the moment. Feel free to post what you want on this thread and maybe down the line somewhere we make a trade.


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That is a great idea, Evil. People should post a wish list here. We can keep an eye out for those games and do some great trading at the Video Game Summit in July since most of us are attending. I have a cased copy of Monster Lair for the T-16 with Alex's name on it if he still needs it. :)


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US Version (PCE I guess) Magical Chase


Turbo Grafx 16 CD AC Adapter

Super 3-D Noah's Ark Snes

Panzer Dragoon Saga Saturn

RC Prom AM 2

Bubble Bobble 2

Final FIght Guy Snes

Genesis 2 AV cables ( I found a great site that sells them cheap as hell, however the total was $23 and the shipping was $13, so they do have free shipping over $100 if anyone needs these cables too)

Music Equipment( Akai MPC 60, Synths, beatboxes, drum machines, etc)

Have:  Everything... However send me an email at for more info... The messaging here is not that great... I probably should not trade anymore, as I have too much stuff as there is :)  I will hopefully bring a TON to the show....

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