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I thought it would be nice to get a list of local (ish) deals.

For example craigslist would not qualfiy as only one person can get it...

But, when Blockbuster, or Lamestop does buy one get one free, this would go here, as all of us can go locally to either store and get the discount.  I know half price books does that thing with the buy a $25 gift card, get a $5 free, goodwill does a 5% off free card, the other game place cds dvds or something (on toughy) has a 10-20 % coupon or something and etc...

As of right now I know the goodwill 5% is on all the time, but nothing else right now...

Sometimes lamestop has a trade in deal that is really pretty good, I always keep my games, but once in a while (like mario kart, I got real cheap, as I traded in games with extra credit or something)

Let the good deals flow!!!

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I'm not exactly local, so I don't think anything I say would count, lol!!!


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All I know is that Gamestop ain't making a dime off of me, I don't care what promotions. I hate their greedy corporate policies. For the nth time, no I don't want to pre-order Madden 2012. The employees know nothing about video games or their history, it's all just 'what's hip' at the moment.


Many of the Disc Replays have punch cards where if you nine purchases, the 10th one is 10% off.


Over at Video Games ETC in Norridge, they recently added a punch card where if you make 9 $10 purchases, the tenth purchase is $10 off.


People Play Games in Chicago sells a 10% discount card for $25.


Plok for the SNES, go play it NOW.

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the Disc Replay in Orland Park has (or did last week anyway) buy 2 get 1 free for games $3.99 and under (by the NES section). 

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If any of you are ever near Lexngton, KY 3D Games always has decent sales on PS2 and earlier games.


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