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I am hoping to get one eventually... We shall see if that happens..

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OH, and it seems like a few people can't make it...

I would like to offically pospone this magical voyage, until it gets a little colder, and less busy. 

(I was at Lolla all weekend, and and my house is a mess, no food is in the house, but, I did just get some nes games)

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WELL, i wasn't able to come here for a while because right after I joined, I went on multiple vacations to multiple places for a couple weeks, so unfortunately, I couldn't post.  But I'm back now.  And as for this topic, as much as I'd like to meet everybody on this site:

A:  I'm only 15.  that spells out problems, such as getting there, immediately.


B:  School for me starts in just a couple weeks, so even if I could somehow teleport from Lake Zurich to Northbrook, I'll be busy with school stuff very soon as it is.

On the bright side, I not only got a new TV to play my video games on a few days ago, but that same day I reached my 10th game console (an Atari 2600…not as rare or valuable as my Panasonic FZ-10 Model 3DO at 9th, but it is my first Atari…), 15th if you include handhelds, so I was happy.


You will all DIE one day.  Get over it and move on.  Live life while you can.

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Maxrage is opening an arcade?

Let me know if you want to set up a deal on games and systems.  I have excess that I really wish I could find an outlet to let people play them.

Collecting isn't about just letting stuff gather dust for me - I'd like people to experience these games if I can.

In Florida, a vendor and I would generally loan items back and forth with a few conditions.

1) If any damage, theft or loss happened to the item, I would be given the equivalent value to replace the item within 90 days. ('s pretty unlikely you can damage an MVS cart....)

2) I would get $25 per week or one half of the coinbox - whichever was greater.

Definitely up to negotiate, that's just one example.

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