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Alex at October 18, 2010 at 2:01 AM

Ok so I was hoping someone here could help me....

I have the BC PS3 that I want to use, and sell my other PS3.  I have tried to get the saved data off of it but it is a bitch.

1.  I have tried to use an IDE hard drive, with USB and AC adapter, all computers seem to recognize it as a drive.  Neither PS3 sees it as a drive, so I can't use it to back anything up.

2.  I have tried to use my 4GB flash drive, but when I try to back stuff up, it tells me "at least 16 GB more free space is required", to which I think many flash drives are not even 16GB large... I just want my saved game data, I don't think it is that large.

3.  I have tried to link both PS3s with an ethernet cable.  However the BC has 3.30 and the non-bc has 3.15.  I have opened the transfer program on both ps3s, and gone through the motions to get it to transfer, but it always seems to think one is not turned on, or that it is not connected.

I want my Battlelines 2 saved data, however this is such a bitch, it may be fun to have to play it over again, since I flove that game....


the transfer program should work between the 2.  i've never tried it, but as long as they have FW 3.15, it should be fine.  

as for the hard drives, they have to be formatted a certain way in order for the PS3 to recognize them. 

the flash drive should work.  i've used a 2GB and a 4GB to back stuff up. 

with that said, i wasn't much help. 

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I'm glad someone asked this question, I needed help too.


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Hey, it didn't help :(, but thanks for the info...

One has 3.15 and one has 3.30 or something like that, definitely not the same... It still has the option to install other oses, so I kind of wanted to keep it... The flash did not work, it wanted a 16gb one, I only want my Battlelines 2 data!!!!!!!!!

ARGGGGGGGGG, at least I will probably get to play it again!

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Will it tranfer to a memory stick on your psp?


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I would suggest deleting your DLC and any media stuff on there and then try again. It will try to back that stuff up too along with save data which can make an unnecessarily large back up file.

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