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Sony Customer Service (Sucks) and PS3 Hard Drive Issue

Posted by Alex on November 16, 2012 at 2:25 PM

I am really fed up with Sony Customer Service.

The first PS3 I bought, was when they were first released, and in short supply.  I was at a best buy at the right time, and someone returned it, and they put it back on the shelf.  I wound up paying $599 plus tax, ultimately to find that the returner did not include a sixaxis, and by the time I returned it, they had more. 

As you may know, I had my PS3 60gb backward compatile fail several months ago.  I, like many other people did not backup my data.  I know, this was dumb, foolish, and downright stupid. 

However, I have called Sony Support twice in regards to getting a repair.  I have had this PS3 for a while, since that crazy transaction where I traded my Toshiba Laptop for it. 

Anywho, apparently Sony decided that it would be a great idea to lock a hard drive to an individual machine.  This is kind of bizzare and does not really effect most PS3 users. 

So, anyone can take a PS3, and put a new hard drive in it (2.5) and then format the disk which will erase everything off of the hard disc, like a new installation.  However everything will be lost, all saved data, all downloaded stuff, messages, everything.

Apparently, they decided to lock hard drives to hardware to fight piracy, although I am not sure I understand the logic.

First time I called Sony Support, they were nice and friendly.  They told me that they would take a Phat PS3 with disc read errors, and for $99 replace it with a refurbished one.  I do not remember the warranty for the "refurb" maybe 30/60 days?  They also would take a BC backward compatible unit and fix it for $130 or replace it for a refurbed slim. 

I told them that I had years of data and I wanted to keep it, they didn't think it would be a problem, but they wouldn't confirm it... Ultimately, I did not want to take a chance that my data would all be lost, so I skipped it.

I then called yesterday to see if they would confirm it.  They made it seem like it would not be a problem. He was like, just send it in, and they will take care of you  I kept pressing them, and the guy had to check with his supervisors.  I made it very clear, that I was much more interested in my DATA, rather than the system.  Eventually, he caved.  He said that they would "not guarantee" that it would be the same system I get back.  I told him, I understand that it would take a while, but I would be willing to pay $129, and wait as long as need be, as they would eventually fix my ps3 and give it to someone else.  No dice, they told me there was nothing I could do, other than to take it to a computer store, to which I replied, I would, however, Sony encrypts the hard disk, and even if they could decrypt it, I am not sure it could be transfered back to the host PS3. 

It is my fault for not backing up, however, I have a broken YLOD PS3, with a seemingly perfect Playstation 3 Hard Disk that apparently I cannot do anything with, other than send to some person to reflow or whatever voiding my warranty, and questionable fix they will provide.  Not to mention, if it is ruined further, Sony will not work on it, and without a warranty sticker the value is lower as well.

Wii has an SD card that presumably can be switched to another system, Xbox 360 has a removeable hard disc that presumably can be switched to another system, your move Sony.

this may be some help?

PS3 Forensic Hard Disc Paper

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Reply AslBozz
2:51 AM on December 4, 2012 
I have 2 other friends besides you who dealt with the same problem, ultimately they lost all their data and had to start from scratch, one friend had over 10 platinum trophies, needless to say, he was pissed. I hope they fix this issue for the next Playstation model to come out.
Reply Alex
1:28 PM on December 5, 2012 
AslBozz says...
I have 2 other friends besides you who dealt with the same problem, ultimately they lost all their data and had to start from scratch, one friend had over 10 platinum trophies, needless to say, he was pissed. I hope they fix this issue for the next Playstation model to come out.

Shit, I don't even have a single platinum and I am pissed. It is sad that Sony made an encryption scheme to tie a hard drive to system. It is clear that this is unusual, as Xbox 360 and Wii, and every other memory card for every system I can think of has no such restrictions.

The purpose of the hard drive is to SAVE your data, and do it in a meaningful way. What good is a backup hard drive of your data, when it can only be read by the machine that created it?

Sony has branded their customers as potentially criminal infringers and has essentially ruined the hard drive feature of their flagship PS3. I think we can all agree this was done, to "somehow" "battle piracy", how so would be the question.

If you are going to hombrew your system, and download game iso, and other things that Sony does not want you to do, what would stop you from doing so on the original hard drive? Presumably, I could somehow hack my hard drive and plug it into a laptop or desktop, load game images onto it and swap it back in the original PS3. (Obviously, I have no understanding of hacking and downloading infringing copies of games) I would assume this would somehow work.

However, if I do this with a second hard drive, the PS3 will not accept it, until it is reformatted. So, I have a disk of infringing copies of games, I format it with the original PS3, and then I just do the exact same thing I did to get the games on there in the first place?

I guess it would make an infringer take an extra step, of having to format their hard disc, and then putting stuff on it, but that is at the EXPENSE of Bozz's 2 friends, and me, so at least 3 people and possibly a couple thousand ( apparently 3-10 % online for phat failure

3% ( lowest number for argument sake) 55 million phat ps3 have been sold, so at least 1.65 million have bit the dust... At least half of those people probably did not backup at all, so we are looking at 800,000 people who presumably have had YLOD and cannot use their original data. (Full disclosure, failure rate would possibly include the disc drive breaking or other system components, which may still allow retrieval of your data. So possibly half of that 800k would be unable to get their data back.

@Sony, seems kind of unfair to regular people like me, and others, who bought PS3 systems, did not or could not figure out how to backup their user data, and then YLOD, and now even with working hard disks, with all game data saved on it, is worthless.

I have to go to some "electronic tinkerer" to open my PS3, and possibly fix it, while ruining the warranty sticker, so I can never get any sony service and possible lowering the value of the busted ps3.

I don't understand why Sony would not want to repair my system, (give me back my MW3 that is stuck inside) and give me back my data, instead of formatting it and giving my system to someone else.

Your move Sony.
Reply AslBozz
5:55 AM on December 12, 2012 
I'm just going to assume that they are more focused on the console war and less focused on customer appreciation after their product has been purchased.
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