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Welcome to my site, here you will find that I am a writer, a friend, a sister, a daughter, aunt. You will learn about my life, my book and my hobbies. Please feel free to look around.

In Feb of 2014 I lost my dear sister Merry Mack to a brain aneurysm, she was only 37 and for her I dedicate any and all future books in her honor. She was my biggest supporter and my best friend. I will miss her every day. 

The Book Shannon's Heart: Fallen Angel is available at all major book stores nationwide.

        $14.95 @ and most online book sellers.

Priced $24.95 and sometimes less depending on where u find it. Please take a look at this novel it is welll written and one of a kind.

I am working on a new novel well actually it's a novel I was already working on.      Wild At Heart: The Beginning and the following stories are being changed. I've teamed up with a co writer under the user name Raven Bloodstone. We are working on the book, and making it a five book set Even changing the title. Fall Into Darkness is the new name of the novel.

The series will be five different and distinct books, two of which will deal with the main characters. The first book, Fall Into Darkness: The Beginning will be out as soon as it's revamped. The second book deals with the main female characters life Fall Into Darkness: Katherine's Heart. The story will follow Katherine from the time she became a vampire until she nearly looses the love of her life. The second book is going to be Fall into Darkness: Veratten's soul. A story compiled and writen entirely by my co writer. We will have two more stories after that. Finalizing with a clamatic finally that no one will see coming.

Stay tooned for further updates.



RIP Theodore J Dutton, author of  Mennonite Smith   published by PublishAmerica. (Thedore J Dutton 1934-2009)

Please check out his book and enjoy the work he's done in his life time and expect more as we remember his memory by publishing his remaining manuscripts as soon as we can.



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