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Posted by Margaret Sleasman on May 14, 2016 at 3:15 PM

      To everyone’s surprise, I am a creature of habit, all bad. Not so much bad as dumb; but I am old and change is not a good word for me. Many of you are aware of the trauma of having to get rid of my old shoes several months ago - I even had offers to buy me some shoes to replace them because they were so disgusting. I had new shoes, and another pair of shoes that were in decent shape, but could qualify as a replacements for my old shoes (they are sitting in my closet waiting for the day I throw the old shoes away).

I know, I told everyone I threw them out, I was going to and I tried, but hey these are really great shoes - they only look like a bear got a hold of them, ate them and spit them back out. They are comfy - except that the front of the soles are flappy (unattached) and there are no longer any insoles, but who doesn’t have a few issues? I could duct tape them, but then I would be admitting these shoes needed help. Hubby just shakes his head and I fully expect them to be gone one of these mornings when I wake up and go looking, but so far he is still a little bit afraid of me.

I don’t like shopping of any kind, especially for clothes. My idea of what is wearable, they quit making in the 80's and even Goodwill doesn’t carry what I like. So, I stick to grocery stores that do not sell clothes. The last clothes I bought for myself was 6 or 8 months before my 50th class reunion and I am sure that no longer fits - it is kind of eveningish and I don’t do evenings any more - I even have to forgo a quick trip to Denny’s in the evening for a super fudge dessert thing that I loved at one time when I could stay awake that long.

Anywho, off subject; back to it. The day is getting closer to when I have to throw the old shoes out; in the meantime, I have been having a bit of fun with them. Yesterday I took the grand-babies skating and in my distant mind, I remembered that we used to get our skates and toss our shoes under the bench (probably when I was 12) until we were ready to go home. This is no longer the case and your shoes fill the spot where your skates were until you return them. Not knowing that, I wore my old shoes because I did not want my new shoes stolen (mind you, they are three years old now, but I have only worn them 10 or 15 times - so still new).

I got my skates and the young man said, “I need your shoes.” OMG, I am thinking, this is going to be embarrassing! I handed him my shoes and said, “I thought we just threw our shoes under the benches" (if you look, there are no longer spaces under benches, but the benches go completely to the floor), "and I did not want my new shoes to be stolen so I brought my ‘farm shoes’.” Somehow, saying “farm shoes” sounded better to me. I am sure he is thinking, “Where have these things been?” But he takes them and puts them on the shelf like the gentleman he is and I go off to skate with the grandchildren.

Later, it is time for me to go home and when I took my skates up, the young man is mysteriously missing and a little high-school girl was there instead. She took the skates... “Oh the poor girl,” I thought. She came back with my shoes, she was not green, but pretty darned pale; what could I say? I just said thank you, took the shoes and walked away. Next time, I will bring my new shoes - or better yet, bring my own roller blades which have a separate soft shoe that the blades attach to - these were pretty fancy in their day and they have only been worn once or twice since being purchased 10 or 12 years ago along with my favorite old shoes.



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