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Life's Fleeting Moment in Time

A song for Jason

It’s life’s song that’s gone woefully wrong,

Same sad chronicle time after time,

A mother awaiting her son to come home,

It’s life’s fleeting moment in time.

It came to pass one dark summer morn.

Desperate young man so sad, so forlorn,

With a restless sorrowful mind.

Just life’s fleeting moment in time.

He found way to his brother Tom’s home,

Hunting answers that troubled his mind,

A decision that went terribly wrong,

In life’s fleeting moment in time.

In a flash, which left us all stunned,

Gone a life that was precious and kind,

Now we’ve lost a dear brother and son,

In life’s fleeting moment in time.

Just a fleeting moment in time.

Copyrights: April, 23, 2010









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