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( PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software download.)



The 10 Commandments of Training, by Charles Howe

Arthur Lydiard on endurance training: his Osaka (1990) and Iowa (1999) lectures ( 116 KB, 1.31 MB)

A general training model for the road cyclist, by Charles Howe ( 57 KB)

Integrating perceived exertion and intensity data – a key to optimal training, by Charles Howe ( 274 KB)

Lactate threshold: its importance and determination via field testing, by Charles Howe ( 171 KB)

Strength training and cycling: the great debate, by Ric Stern

Strength vs. power: why increasing the former doesn't automatically lead to an increase in the latter, by Andrew Coggan, Ph.D.

Training in the ‘sweet spot’ – the relationship of volume, physiological strain, and training effect, by Andrew Coggan, Ph.D. ( 138 KB)

The workout-recovery cycle, by Seth Hosmer( 98 KB)


Power-based training (see also the Resources section of

CyclingPeaks Performance Manager – A New Tool for Training Analysis, by Charles Howe ( 501 KB)

Energy intake and output during century rides, by Charles Howe ( 127 KB)

Estes Park Stage Race: an analysis of Will Frischkorn's performance, by Frank Overton

A graphical presentation of Power Profiling™, by Charles Howe (Excel spreadsheet, 173 KB)

The Philly File: Power Data From the 2003 US Pro Road Race Championship, by Adam Myerson

A power-based impulse-response performance model, by Frank Overton

Power-based training levels, by Andrew Coggan, Ph.D.  ( PDF version, 75 KB)

"Strength endurance" training: a physiologists's point of view, by Andrew Coggan, Ph.D.

Threshold power: what is it, why is it important, and how do I measure it?, by Andrew Coggan, Ph.D.

To the "T": very specific training is good . . . sometimes ( Part 1, 1.3 MB; Part 2, 3.6 MB), by John Verheul

What are Normalized power, Intensity Factor, and Training Stress Score?, by Andrew Coggan, Ph.D.

      (Ric Stern has posted a terrific spreadsheet in Excel which makes makes it a snap to calculate NP, IF, and TSS).

What is a 'match'?, by Hunter Allen



10 simple things to remember when racing as a team, by B. J. Basham ( PDF version, 23 KB)

An overview of road racing rules ( 129 KB) and USCF rule changes for 2007 ( 73 KB



Aerodynamic field testing with a powermeter, by Andrew Coggan, Ph.D.

      (Alex Simmons' Excel spreadsheet performs the calculations involved with this method, and see this discussion at

Getting comfortable: how to make your bike fit and feel better, by Giana Roberge ( 312 KB)

Light maketh right? An assessment of the benefit of weight savings, by Charles Howe ( 89 KB)

Self-massage, by Charles Howe ( 108 KB)

Stretching exercises for cycling, by Charles Howe ( 2.75 MB)

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