Veli Koljonen

Lapin taidetta - Laplands art

artist Veli Koljonen

Veli Koljonen tel:+358400690452  email: veli.koljonen(a)
Finland, Muonio the place of entry into Lapland’s fell (Finnish mountain region), is located 200km above the Arctic Circle. There, in the little village of Särkijärvi, you can really make the most of what surroundings have to offer.
In the winter it's a skier's paradise. During the spring the snow thaws. It's the time for a dream-come-true for bird watchers and botanists. In the summertime you can discover untouched countryside, and the most important: the sun never sets. In the autumn you've got the fresh air with high mountains and glimmering lakes. The beautiful autumn-colors make you breathless with admiration.
Artist Mr Koljonen ( Veli Koljonen ) is born 1951, a well-known painter in Scandinavia. He has grown up in Särkijärvi, there in the winter's coldness and darkness and in the autumn colors. Naturally he is influenced by the nature and the seasons. He enjoys the fresh air, clean water and open spaces.The nature is a source for recreation and impression. He is attracted by the freedom and the proximity to nature. 
The fantastic Lapland’s nature in "Veli's art" appears in many shapes, the seasons, the lappish flora and fauna, for example, He has exhibition in his own studio, many visitors all over the world are always welcomed to Veli's gallery, which opens the door to the mountain area with a fine view over a lake.
The paintings are not the only way for Veli of expressing himself. Showing his products in the gallery and singing and giving concerts, playing the piano or the organ gives him "entertainment", that he would like very much to share with. His hoppy are horseriding and  His voice sounds like "a deep mountain stream" - he eats reindeer with creamy onions and birches himself in the sauna. That's actually quite an experience, too !