Coach Trent Dues recently took time out of his busy schedule for an interview with  We appreciate his time and candidness.  We would like to wish Coach Dues and The Aviators the best of luck this season!


  You are coming off of another great season of Butler Baseball, capturing your 10th consecutive conference title as head coach of the Aviators.  What did winning ten straight mean to you?


Coach Dues:  10 straight is a fine thing and I'm proud of the teams that accomplished that feat.  This feat, if anything, tells us we are doing things right in our program.  However, we have not won a state title and that is the ultimate prize.  Prior to your reign as head coach, Butler baseball had not won a conference title in over twenty years.  What has attributed to the success Butler has enjoyed over the past decade?


Coach Dues:  The success we have had can be attributed to players who have dedicated themselves to do what it takes to be successful on the field.  The players have to buy into what you are doing and carry out the plan  or the plan is useless.   We have obviously had some great players come through this program and players who have made themselves quality players through a lot of hard work.   We have parents who have nurtured their sons at the game of baseball and coaches ( Mike Bardonaro, Steve Clark, Scott Thompson, Eric Nawroth, and Matt Heis) dedicated to doing whatever it takes to be successful.  You played high school baseball for Coldwater, a school that is rich in baseball tradition.  How does that experience factor into what you have done to transform Butler Baseball?


Coach Dues:  Playing for Coldwater was a great experience.   Sports, including baseball, was everything.   Playing sports is a great teacher of life for teenagers.  One of my best friends was Jeff Brunswick, son of Coldwater legendary coach Lou Brunswick who won 5 state titles, and hanging around their family growing up was constant exposure to baseball 101.  Looking back on years passed, who has been the biggest influence on your baseball philosophy and coaching style?


Coach Dues:  There have been many influences on my style and philosophy.  I think it is a constant learning curve.  I will list some but I'm sure I will miss a few.


My father, Melvin

My two brothers, Todd and Tony

Danny Schmitz, Head Coach BGSU

Bob Costello, former Butler Head Coach

Mike Bardonaro - Butler Coach

Steve Clark - Butler Coach

Scott Thompson - Butler Coach

Lou Brunswick - My H.S. coach at Coldwater

Tom Brunswick - former Head Coach Grand Lake Mariners

Corky Summers - Former Assistant Coach BGSU

Many coaches that have spoken at clinics and written books

My wife Melissa (very good life strategist)  Looking ahead to the 2006 season, what looks to be the biggest strength of this year's team, as you head into Spring?


Coach Dues:  Looking at our team this season.  We have 10 seniors so I would hope we have players who know how to play the game.  On the other hand, we have several players coming off of off-season injuries and surgeries.  I am hoping we are mending fast.   I feel we have the nucleus to be good team, but we have to prove it on the field.  Teams are gunning for us and we will see a lot of opposing teams aces so we have to do a lot of the little things to be successful.  The GWOC is always a very tough league.  Do any teams stand out this year as teams to really watch out for?


Coach Dues:  Our league is tough - On our side Northmont, Sidney, Troy, Piqua will all be solid.  The other side with Wayne, Centerville, Fairmont, South and North are all strong.  Always competitive which is always fun.