Maria Valtorta

Maria Valtorta

     Maria Valtorta was born in Caserta, Italy on March 14, 1897 and passed away October 12, 1961. Many Archeologist and Biblical scholars deemed her to be one of the most verifiably authentic visionaries ever. Her accounts have correctly named and placed locations of several first Century Palestine towns and villages that were previously unknown, or not discovered until after her death. Her supernatural spiritual accounts and descriptions of the lives of Jesus and Mary are considered the most detailed Private Revelation of the Gospels in existence.

     As a bedridden invalid, Maria recorded her supernatural spiritual dictations and visions while confined to her bed, which prohibited research. Astoundingly, her fifteen thousand handwritten pages in bound notebooks contained no errors or corrections. These thoroughly random pages posed no logical sense until the completion, when Jesus provided her with the sequential order. When her spiritual director (Father Romualdo M. Migliorini), was able to sequence the order, it resulted in a beautiful seamless narrative of the Gospels, unequaled by any other visionary.  Maria Valtorta keeps perfect track of Jesus, Mary and over 500 additional personalities. None of which are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jesus is appropriately in Jerusalem and Judea for Passover and Pentecost in all four spring seasons, and at the Tabernacles in all three fall seasons of His ministry. Jesus traverses the land of Palestine from one end to another in at least six cycles (some 4,000 miles), ministering in some 350 named locations, including places in Palestine known only to specialized archaeologists. A fundamental proof of divine influence.

     Opinions of her writings within the Roman Catholic Church have been very volatile, to say the least. Factions of the Holy Office clearly took strong offence at being bypassed, when several Priests acquired a direct Papal Imprimatur from Pope Pius XII. In reprisal, the Holy Office was able to coerce the very next Pontiff, Pope John XXIII to sign a condemnation upon taking office. In addition, the Holy Office was also able to secure the condemnation for Blessed Sister Faustina Kowalska’s writings at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. The next Pope, Pope Paul VI, a Valtorta advocate, took the action of abolishing the condemnations altogether. This division over Maria Valtorta’s writings escalated with passionate supporters on both sides.

     As more archeological and Biblical proofs emerge, her writings are gaining wider and wider acceptance. An Australian group published a book with over ten thousand cross references between Maria Valtorta’s writings and the Bible showing no errors. Another book by Monsignor Vincenzo Cerri compare the scientific details from the Shroud analysis to her writings, again with no errors. Many adversaries have reconsidered their position as several Roman Catholic Bishops added their Imprimaturs to Pope Pius XII’s and as more evidence, verification and substantiation compiled.

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