Petr Vadura Artistic Glass

ATLANTIC for MOSER drinking set

ATLANTIC- drinking set by Petr Vadura - Moser code 29800. This timeless tumbler set by Petr Vadura as if aimed to recall poetry and luxury of journeys between Europe and New York. On one hand, the bar set primarily draws on the atmosphere of the 1930s and it is a lightened reminder of the then sophisticated elegance when speaking of style. On the other hand, it wishes to be a symbol of contemporary luxury and new voyages on all the world seas. You can move from a terrace into basket chairs on the terraces of seaside hotels at the sunset. Flames of candles will reflect in the cut facets of both clear and colour glasses of the set Atlantic and they will glimmer with the tones of exotic cocktails, white rum, green mint, fruit juices, lemon and orange slices. There are no bounds set to your imagination and your dreams. The tumblers of the set Atlantic will be your permanent ;invitation for travels even in your home. (text Moser)
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