Petr Vadura Artistic Glass

VERA for MOSER drinking set

VERA drinking set for Moser by Petr Vadura. Moser code 29 760 . Vera comes from the Latin word Vera, which stands for something true, genuine and real. This is a drinking set designed by Petr Vadura, too. He characterizes his inspiration with the following words: "I was born in Prague and as many of its natives I have carried a bit of its history in myself. I have become convinced that the best way how to learn the real truth is to have the magic of inspiration connected with "my Prague" work without any constraints. I wanted to make a little of the magical goblet gold glistening in the twilight of a still-life with a bowl brimming over with grapes and pomegranates. However, the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries was just one of the flashes of inspiration. At the same time I added to the goblet a few "drops" of the Secession Prague in motifs as well as some of the geometrical rigor character of the 1920s and the absolutely light and contemporary contours. The totally modern impression created by the set in its more simple versions proves its dateless character and is perhaps a statement about author s effort to interpret his aesthetical truth in this set theme in the purest form possible." The Vera pattern is available in a collection of various pieces to decorate your tastefully laid table. Included are stemware and barware. Vera can by complemented by a wide, distinctively gilded or platinum decoration. (text Moser)
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