The Vanguard Assault Company

We Fight As Vanguards, We Fall As Brothers.....


 We are the Vanguard Assault Company, a prestigious and challenging clan established for Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4. We pride ourselves on our strength and ability to fight in any situation, no matter the outcome or the consequences and how we are able to push are members to their full potential to one day be the best that they can be. If you think you are ready to be part of our prestigious clan, then be ready, as much resides for you in the future. Only Guardian, Arsenal, and $P!D3Y can recruit you into our strong and fiercely competitive clan.







For anyone who needs help binding or needs help putting your name correctly according to your rank, go to the |VAC| Field Guide.  To see conversations between clan members, go to Clan Chat.  To apply for the clan, go to Apply for |VAC| (Based on which division you wish to join, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or Call of Duty 2).

Every member needs an X-fire account! X-fire is simply a device for in-game communication, follow this link to set it up:Get an X-fire account


   About the Leader

    This section is about the leader of the clan, Guardian.  Guardian is what is known as a city kid.  He has lived in the city (New Britain, Connecticut) for his whole life.  Although as he does not do as much traveling as Arsenal and Highbury, he does occasionally visit his mother's side of the family in Sherbrooke, Quebec (yearly).  He has visited exoctic and "fancy" countries other than Canada such as the Bahamas in the Caribbean and both Ft. Lauderdale and Miami in Florida, USA.  To this day, Guardian is having some of the most memorable times of his life along with his family, friends and his online gaming community friends.  Guardian's name is Robert Olszewski, commonly called "Thin Tim" by his friends. Guardian has one sister named Debra (the oldest) and one brother named Henry Joseph III "HJ" (2nd oldest of the family children). Last but not least Guardian has a father (Henry Joesph Jr.) and a mother (Louise). Guardian was born in Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut and currently lives in the city of New Britain, Connecticut.

About the Co-Leader's/Creator's

    This section is about the creator's of the clan, Arsenal and Highbury. Arsenal and Highbury are both brothers and have traveled with their family as missionaries in many different countries.  They have been to Turkey, Switzerland, France, Amsterdam, but mainly Kazakhstan.  They lived in Kazakhstan for four years as missionaries and they are the most memorable times of their lives.  Arsenal's name is Luke Jones and Highbury's is Adam Jones.  They have one sister named Kayla (the youngest) and a brother named Josh (the oldest) along with their two parents Tom and Jan.  Both Arsenal and Highbury were born in Atlanta, Georgia but now currently live in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Special Events

VAC Saturday

    Every Saturday, starting at 11:00 A.M. through 1:00 P.M. Eastern time is |VAC| war day.  Our Call of Duty 2 server will be locked at this time and only |VAC| members can play in it.  If you are a |VAC| member and need to know the password when it is locked, contact either Guardian, Arsenal, or $P!D3Y.

    After |VAC| Saturday on Call of Duty 2, |VAC| Saturday will start a half-hour later, at 1:30 P.M. through 3:30 P.M., on the clan's Call of Duty 4 server.  Our server will be locked at this time and only |VAC| members can play in it. If you are a |VAC| member and need to know the password when it is locked, contact either Guardian, $P!D3Y, or Arsenal.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Our clan is also located in Call of Duty 4!
When you do get this game or want to visit the |VAC| here, download v1.7 patch as soon as possible.

Music Player

Here is the |VAC| Music Player. It will play a variety of songs chosen by specific people of the clan. It also offers a series of nice slideshows that are unique to most music players.


To get an in depth experience of some of the most intense games ever created and what you will be facing as a member of the |VAC|, watch the following video's below: 


 Here is a High-Definition Sneak Peak at Call of Duty 5: World at War: