Updales Dorpers

High Fertility - Low Maintenance - No Worries!!!

Updales Poultry

No matter what you are after we may have just what you are looking for. A few layers for the backyard? Something a bit out of the ordinary? Birds to prepare for the table? Check back often as we add details of our flocks and birds available for sale as they come along.

We are aiming to do the right thing by the breeds we are involved with, and are treating them exactly the same as the sheep - care and attention to nutrition especially while young giving each individual the chance to show us what they are made of. Careful selection of breeding stock to ensure the next generation is made of the right stuff, right from the start.

Currently we are keeping purebred flocks of Araucana, Houdan, Silver Laced, Blue laced gold & Gold Laced Wyandotte, Australorp (black, blue & splash), Brahma (Buff, White, Dark, Gold laced), Frizzled Australorp & Wyandotte, Silkies, Pekins and Belgian D'Uccles.




20 week old pullets: Pullets are now being regularly delivered to Sanderson's Fodder at Coromandel Valley - check out their Facebook page to see which birds are still available. I envisage delivering birds at least once every 4 weeks from now until end of May, and will try and keep this page updated when I know they are going. Last couple of groups are almost ready to go, Sanderson's will have birds sometime this week and again late June, that will probably the end of last season's birds. I am hoping to have pullets ready to go again in October - but of course that depends on our laying hens!


 If you are looking for a very specific bird/breed/colour feel free to get in touch and I will see what we have coming along, certain breeds I only have a small number of breeding birds so offspring will be limited, and some breeds/colours already have orders for birds for next season.


Purebred breeding groups available now: SOLD OUT

Fertile Eggs: Not yet available for the season. If you are interested in a specific breed/colour please let me know ASAP as eggs are sold on a first in/best dressed basis but are not advertised - if I don't have an order they go into my incubator (or dinner!) Happy to take orders for fertile eggs anytime for delivery in spring. 

Roosters: Next boys available later in spring. 

Day old chicks: Not yet available for the season. Happy to take orders for specific breeds, drop us a line anytime! 


Price includes delivery to Mt Pleasant, Palmer or Mannum, can deliver further afield including to edge of Adelaide for price of my petrol. Sorry, due to general security reasons and Biosecurity risks we can't invite people to visit our farm to select birds.