Ravens Unreal Site

Welcome To my Site!

Hey, im Raven, owner of.. well... Check the news page . anyway, yeah, this is my site, its been changing over a few weeks and i see it getting bigger and bigger, check the News page cos' theres always new news(not always but most of the time) in the News page so see whats happening!!

I think this will be one of the biggest, ONE, of the biggest freewebs sites ever , but dont say im all stupid coz i just think it might be.

Theres one more thing you might of noticed: i made this Welcome page longer. Oh and uh..... Holy-Embrace has asked why wasn't my server up and seen no members, well heres the answer: Its becoz i havent got a PC, im using my dads LAPTOP which cant be strong enough to run Ports(fuckin' weak) anyway have FUN!!!


Here are some lnks i have stopped by and checked out:
www.freewebs.com/biohazard12 - Pretty sweet place, man, i go here nearly all the time!
www.geocities.com/mhulden - .:..:(Dots). a good place, good downloads too.
www.hypercoop.tk - Oh, tell me about it, its the best place ever to get Maps, Mods, Etc!!!
www.freewebs.com/venoxplace - Sweet place too, he got some JumbaShip/Jumbavillage Screenshpots he took, Rocking Sweet!
www.freewebs.com/doomsweb - Hasn't got alot of downloads but he has 2 good skins, Mods, Maps etc...

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