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About me..... 


 I was born with cerebral palsy and the disability that I have does not allow me to control the movements of my limbs.  I used to operate the computer  with the aid of a head pointer strapped to my forehead.  But recently I purchased a new device which is called a head mouse. 


The head mouse works like a laser.  I have a dot on my forehead and there is a camera on top of the monitor, I line the dot on my forehead up with the camera and everywhere I move my head the mouse moves.  The head mouse has an on screen keyboard and when I point the mouse on a letter and let it stay on the letter for a second the mouse clicks. 


I have never attended school because no school would accept me.  I received my education from watching Sesame Street and some very dear friends helped me along the way. 


In 1993 my Uncle Kendrick Williams came up with the idea of me publishing a magazine and calling it "The Unicorn".  With the help of my Editor Lesley Spencer, my Business Manager and father Roderick Wells, my Uncle Ken Williams who was in charge of getting advertisements and Diane Phillips who looked after the finances, and after much hard work, "The Unicorn" magazine made its debut in 1995.  Thanks to Fr. James Palacious for permiting me to sell the magazines at St. Matthew's Church. Thanks also to Dee Dee Williams for introducing and distributing the magazine in Freeport.  And to my Aunt Patricia Kerr, Aunt Alice Inniss and Alison Micklewhyte for assisting with distribution.


Since then five issues of the magazine have been published.  "The Unicorn" is not only distributed in New Providence but in Freeport as well.  My cousin Darius Williams is in charge of distribution there.  Shortly after the first issue of the magazine came out, I started writing short stories.  Now I have written 90 stories.  My first book of short stories, "Africa Diamonds" came out on August 7th, 2005.  Not long after my second book "A Secret Life" was released.  My third and latest book "Love on Rose Island" is now available.


Please look for my magazines "The Unicorn" to learn more about the disabled.  And if you would like to purchase a magazine or one of my books,  please email me or call (242)324-1202.  Thank you for visiting.  Please sign my guest book and keep checking the website for updates on my future works.  May God bless you.

Michael Wells

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