Undeniable Proof Paranormal Investigations

Ghost Hunting Tips.

Along with the rules of an investigations there are a few things that i think would help people new to the paranormal field.

1. Take time at a location to get familiar with the area, and let whatever may be in that area get familiar with you. Let them know who you are and why you are there.

2. Pray, If you do pray or are willing to to you should. There are things that can hurt you and people who can hurt you. And it never hurts to have God with you at all times, Especially when dealing with the paranormal.

3. Take pictures everywhere, in front of you, side to side, and behind you. You never know where something may show up.

4. Always try to find a different reason for what you see or hear, if at the end of the day you can't find an alternate cause then it is paranormal. Don't go into every location looking for a haunting, go looking to disprove one.

5. Keep detailed logs of whats happening. Especially with EVP's, discuss any noises that occur while your in the area that could later be mistaked as an EVP. Such as cars, birds, frogs, people, whatever is in the area.

6. Don't always rely on high tech equiptment, though it is valuable it doesn't come close to what you the investigator can find on your own. It's good to have EMF detectors and thermometers but if you spend all night looking at those what will you see for yourself?

7. Don't be afraid to leave a recorder sit somewhere, Just because your not there doesn't mean you won't get anything. Some of our best EVP's occured when no one was around.

8. Take your equiptment but keep a detailed list of all you bring in to insure that it all comes back. It really sucks when you pay 45 dollars for a thermometer and someone loses it. (Patrick lol)

9. Trust your instincts, if you feel the need to leave a location do so, in a calm manner. It's not always good to chase everything down, sometimes it's better to just leave it alone.

10. Remember as long as you record is as long as you have to listen to audio or watch the video. So only do it as long as your group can handle to review in a good span of time. You can run things in intervals, and run them in different places. And have just as good of a chance as someone who runs a camera for 8 hours in one location. It's better to be moving and cover alot.

Thats just a few tips that helped me when i started Undeniable Proof, Hopefully it will be useful to you too. I'll add more as i find them. And have fun hunting!

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