The Ultimate Imperator

The Ultimate Imperator





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First Class

FC Suites B-C Deck

FC Suites D-F Deck

FC Swimming Pool

FC Social Hall

FC Dining

FC Ritz Carlton

FC Grillroom

FC Smoking Room

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First Class




First Class

Just how big is First Class on the Imperator?

The space alotted to First Class spans nearly 490 feet of the Imperator, from the bridge all the way back to the rails of the Upper Promenade, and is seven decks high from A Deck down to G Deck. Convenient access to all major areas and public rooms is assured with three centrally located lifts that carry as many as eight people in  comfort. In First Class there is room for 908 passengers; 714 of them being bed accommodation and 194 on sofa bed accommodation.

The main staircase is the most ornate of the three in First Class and one of the most talked about features by our passengers. Richly designed in the style of Louis XIV, our majestic staircase winds up 17 meters from F Deck up through A Deck Promenade. At the top of A Deck, there hangs a beautiful original painting of the Kaiser.


Now just imagine...

.. how regal you will feel as you and your lady sashay through the grand doors of the Social Hall, across the lobby and down the breadth of this rich staircase, passing other distinguished guests and exchanging well wishes for a pleasant evening.       

Romance.    Luxury.    Style.

First Class on the SS Imperator


IMPERATOR Deck Directory In-Brief

 A Deck
Mens Smoking Room, Gym, Childrens' Playroom, Hospital

 B Deck
Ladies Writing Salon and Library. Social Hall, Wintergarden,
Ritz Carlton, Grillroom, Cabins - Suites

 C Deck
Cabins - Suites, Chambre de luxe, Emperors Suites

 D Deck
Cabins - Suites and Chambre de luxe.
Passenger Service Department, Florist, Bookstore, Convenience Shop,

 E Deck
Cabins - Suites
Main Switchboard, Main Dining Room Entrance

 F Deck
Lower Dining Room Entrance, Pompiean Swimming Bath Entrance

 G Deck
Hospital, Barber, Massage and Steam Bath amenities, Lower Pompiean Pool



For strolling on deck, the First Class passenger may choose from two large covered promenade decks and one open promenade on the Boat Deck. In pleasant weather the crew will swing the lifeboats outward to providing more room.
The upper promenade decks on each side are both enclosed for two-third of their length to shelter the passengers from high winds of the Atlantic. These decks are 10 feet high and vary in width from 16 to 23 feet. While promenading, the First class passenger can rent a deck chair and/or a deck rug for $1.00 a piece. On the Boat Deck promenade there are hardly any ventilators, as are common other Atlantic liners.




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