The Ultimate Imperator

The Ultimate Imperator





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FC Swimming Pool




Pompeian Swimming Pool



Our First and Second Class passengers agree,


one of the grandest appointments on the Imperator is our Pompeian Swimming Pool. Constructed and outfitted by Bamberger, Leroi & Co. of Frankfurt, the Pompeian swim bath is three-decks high, 65 feet in length and 41 feet in width. The swimming pool is 39 feet long, 21 feet wide, and 7 feet deep. 


A rich Romanesque atmosphere is further instilled by eighteen decorative Pompeian pillars that encircle the pool, sunken cluster lights, and marble benches that are continually warmed by their inner copper steam piping. And the seawater in the pool was constantly kept fresh through decorative cascades.


First Class passengers aboard the Imperator will find the swim bath conveniently located on G Deck (entrance on F Deck right outside the First Class elevators).




After a relaxing swim, passengers are encouraged to use the bath's wide assortment of amenities. Lending an air of luxurious refinement to the Roman bath are various dressing and rest rooms of considerable size. These spacious retreats are fitted with marble and bronze and with comfortable sofa couches and wall decor in the Pompeian tradition. And for our female passengers, women-only hours are from 10:30 12:30. And a nurse is always in attendance to care for children in tow. 


The Roman bath is further complimented by the following amenities

Electric Steam Baths

Turkish Steam Baths

Massage Apparatus

Trained Chiropodists


and for your lady,





So spacious is our Roman bath that during the Imperator's maiden voyage a handful of male guests played a spirited game of water polo while a large audience looked on from pool side and down from the upper gallery.


Join us in the biggest pool next to the Atlantic herself!





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