Old School Metal Trading

cult black metal forever

The sole purpose of this site is to trade underground death and black metal bootlegs. This means trading dubs of demo, promo, rehearsal and live material from obscure black and death metal bands. The list represents my personal collection, so absolutely nothing on there is for sale.

I usually trade on cdr format but I have no problem with trading tapes (a large part of the demos, live shows and rehearsals I have is still on tape, but I can rip them to cd-r). However, I don't trade music on mp3 format. So if all you have on your list is mp3's, don't bother contacting me.

I also added a list of video material I have (on vhs, dvd, mpg...), it's not much but there just might be something on there you need.

So, if you're interested in anything on this site, and you have a list with underground black metal, death metal or even thrash, doom or grindcore... and you want to trade demo's, rehearsals and live shows, don't hesitate to send your list to:

ulaire_enquea [at] yahoo [dot] com